Judith Liebe

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Isi or the quest for happiness Oil On Linen 67x47inches © Judith Liebe
Star Money Oil On Linen 67x47inches © Judith Liebe
Asian Landscape
Morning, 2007 Oil On Linen 27 X 20 Inches © Judith Liebe
Cornfield Oil On Linen 67"X48"
The Eye of El Shaddai O Il On Linen 30"X47"
Sin City Oil On Linen 68"X47"
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Santa Monica


Triumph, power, loneliness and pain


Throughout art history women are symbols of adoration, desire and love . I open a playful dialogue between the religious ideal of the woman and it s interaction with the ideal of the woman being part of the advertising world.

I mixe an array of images of the female body, combining fashion magazine shots with erotic imagery. Driven by the understanding that nakedness has it s own dresscode I tell my very personal story of the body in the “(post)modern” times.

I study the aesthetic forms of a radical exhibitionism, in which the dialogue between the viewer and the object evaporates. The voyeur disappears into the dark and becomes a projection of the woman.

In her solitude the woman continues a monologue, eventually participating in what has become or will become the way we survive and interact with the mechanical.

I see the modern body as an analytical event consisting of special effects. We witness this in the representation of the female in all media. Yves St. Laurent coined the phrase: “Coco Chanel gave women freedom; I give them power.”  Fashion promises women freedom and power. The collage is an adequate medium to express our multiple identities nowadays as paraphrased by the psychoanalysis. This multitude is as powerful as problematic.