Laura Lynch

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Environmental Art Expands:Eco Artists Combine Art, Science and Social Concerns

EcoArtists create works that go beyond gallery walls to engage the community and environment in ecological issues. EcoArtists participate in projects such as wetland restoration, environmental awareness and social change.  One such artist is Lynne Hull from Colorado, who crates captor roosts around the world to restore nesting habitats in impacted ecosystems. [more]
Posted by Laura Lynch on 8/19/09

Interpretations of Environmental Art

Some environmental art:   Informs and interprets nature and its processes, or educates us about environmental problems   Is concerned with environmental forces and materials, creating artworks affected or powered by wind, water, lightning, even earthquakes   Re-envisions our relationship to nature, proposing new ways for us to co-exist with our environment   Reclaims and remediates damaged environments, restoring ecosystems in artistic and often aesthetic ways   [more]
Posted by Laura Lynch on 6/26/09