Lórien Eck

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Borealis II, August 2011 Mixed Media 30 X22 © 2011
Tidal, August 2011 Mixed Media 30 X22 © 2011
Quick Facts
Los Angeles, CA
Lives in
Santa Monica
Works in
Santa Monica
SFSU (San Francisco State University)
contempative mixed-media abstract

Lórien Eck creates unique mixed media paintings that are rich in texture, color, light, sparkle, and dimension. Her work is available as one-of-a-kind creations- thus preserving the touch of the hand and of the intention of spirit. 

Lórien’s work is to be experienced up close and personal, invoking a connection to source, truth, and natural beauty. Her inspiration is sourced from the quest for beauty, truth, and the Divine in all beings and things. 

Her intention as an artist is to create beautiful pieces that inspire hope, healing, and that act as a catalyst for a transformative spiritual experience in the individual and humanity as a whole.