Kajal Zaveri

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In the Distance, 2013 Oil 36x48 © kajalzaveri
Sound Of Silence, 2013 Oil 30x30 © kajalzaveri
Summer Walks, 2013 Oil 12x12 © kajalzaveri
Open, 2013 Oil On Canvas 36 X36 © kajal zaveri
Meet Me there, 2013 Oil On Canvas 24x24 © kajal zaveri
Its Nice here, 2013 Oil On Canvas 24x24 © kajal zaveri
Summer Fresh, 2012 Oil On Canvas 30 X40 © kajal zaveri
Somewhere in the Pacific, 2012 Oil On Canvas 12x12 © kajal zaveri
Autumn Hues, 2012 Oil On Canvas 12x12 © kajal zaveri
Blue Green, 2012 Oil On Canvas 12x12 © kajal zaveri
This Beautiful Morning, 2012 Oil On Canvas 24x24 © kajal zaveri
Autumn In the City, 2012 Oil On Canvas 12x12 © kajal zaveri
Walk with me, 2012 Oil On Canvas 12x12 © kajal zaveri
Ocean Blues, 2011 Oil On Canvas 36x48 © kajal zaveri
Autumn in the City, 2011 Oil On Canvas 36x48 © kajal zaveri
The Traveler, 2011 Oil On Canvas 36x48
Winter Blossom, 2011 Oil On Canvas 30 X 30
Quick Facts
Mumbai, India
Lives in
Bay Area, CA
Works in
Bay Area, CA
landscape, modern, conceptual
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I was born in India and currently reside in California since the last 15 years. My background is an MBA in finance and MA in economics and I have worked in various corporate positions in those fields. However, since the last few years of my life I have switched careers to being a full time mom to my son and also pursuing the other passion of my life, painting.

Painting and art to me are a manifestation of our innermost feelings, and experiences that we get to share and communicate with everyone else. My goal is to share my world as I see it and capture the mystery and beauty of everything within and around us.

I have worked in many mediums but I love the freedom of big, bold, tactile strokes and multilayering that oil painting allows and my painting style is a mix of abstract and semi abstract in rich, vibrant colors. I enjoy the lack of any rules in art and painting and this makes my work very free flowing, uninhibited, bold and colorful.

My current work is a celebration of my life and the bounty, beauty and blessings around me which inspires me to dream big and bold. I find inspiration in nature; this could be the limitless horizons and wide open landscapes, or the beauty of the changing seasons, wildflowers on the side of a road, the pretty coastal towns along the ocean, and many many such wonderful experiences. This amalgamation of my life in my native country, my international travels and the current opportunity to live in beautiful California has exposed me to such inspiration. My paintings evoke the cogitative expanses of these beautiful encounters and rather than representing a specific place, I am interested in editing these down to the most essential and imperative elements, and portraying these on canvas for the viewer to enjoy. It is also my hope that my work can entice nostalgia and dreaminess and an opportunity for the viewers to invent their own stories about the places and subjects in my work. I take art seriously and this has always made me approach my paintings with intuition, awe and respect.


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