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Tony Feher:  An interesting thing about my early years, it was military, we moved around a lot, up and down the coast.  At one point we lived on an air base outside of Jacksonville which was practically a nature refuge. We lived at the end of the block where all the junior officers lived in the cookie cutter houses. It was an idyllic, Mayberry kind of small town. We had acres of nature around us and everyday a turtle or a snake or a frog - something with a tail on it - would come around. Us... [more]
ArtSlant's Amber Noland had the pleasure of talking with painter Daniel Dove about his work and process. Daniel Dove:  That’s a broad and interesting question, and I interpret it in two senses: “painting modernity” as painting modern life, and “painting modernity” as making the physical object and process of painting explicit.  I’m interested in doing both simultaneously: making process and material explicit while also creating a convincing illusion of contemporary life, particularly the... [more]
ArtSlant's Amber Noland met up with Matt Leines to talk about his drawings, what influences him and how he makes his work. Matt Leines: I always have problems just saying things about my work.  My imagery is an amalgam of things that have floated through my head and adapted from basically everything I've seen until it's been filtered enough to exist in the same world.  Yes, I'm interested in folklore and through my drawings I've learned more about folk traditions I wasn't aware of, and... [more]
- Amber Noland had the pleasure of meeting up with the very eloquent Hope Atherton, who had just flown in from New York for her second solo show at Patrick Painter, Inc. in Santa Monica, CA. Her paintings embody moody atmospheres with layers of spirituality, fantasy and cinematic narratives that evoke a sense of perpetual transition and melancholy.   Being raised on a farm  in Virginia, and the natural way of moving through the experiences that that inherently presents, and her fascination... [more]
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