Mark Harris

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great works
great works, all the best, do visit my profile
Comment by: M Lokeswara Rao on Saturday 10/16/10 at 1:56 AM
Window, Phuket
Yes, Mark, like you wrote: "subconscious directing hand/mind... nuances." related to all of this...your great work "Window, Pucket". painted with cool tones, still, I feel a hot sunbreeze on my face and moist air. Looking at the window, my mind listens for sounds still there. Ann
Comment by: Ann Kelly on Saturday 06/19/10 at 8:03 AM
Angkor Head and Doorway 2008.
Hi Mark, his is the work that I refer to in my comment below about the leaves in the trees. Ann
Comment by: Ann Kelly on Friday 06/18/10 at 7:21 PM
the wind and light
Hi Mark, Thank you Mark, for your kind response. You are a wonderful and gifted artist. I can see your affinity for structures. Buildings do have a presence about them. As you see by my artwork: fine lines are on my mind. You capture the 'aura' with subtle lines or washes of color. In your paintings and drawings you carry lines/color out from your subjects... - to selected subtle points. Even with the Tabby. You create a delicate path towards or away from the mystery. One does not have to take the path -but the path is present. In one of your detailed drawings of the Ankora ruins, the tiny leaves in the trees to the right are all gently blowing the same direction. Subtle detail creating a feeling of the aura or presence... wonderful works! Ann
Comment by: Ann Kelly on Friday 06/18/10 at 7:13 PM
intrigue of structures
Hi Mark, I especially find your structures/windows,doors, buildings intriguing and compelling. somehow you capture the elusive truth that a building/ a structure is the keeper of many stories, and knowledges, mysteries.
Comment by: Ann Kelly on Friday 06/18/10 at 9:55 AM