anna laura millacci

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sinuose 150x100
the things that I missed, 2009
seaquake, 2009 90x90
against current, 2007 70x100
free paris, 2008 70x100
god is as 100x110
you are coming from the see (true the sky) 80x80
to be a Star 50x70
exit 80x100
portrait 60x80
global warming
the alchimist, 2009 80x100
einstein mc2, 2010 80x80
my orange moon
my blue angel 100x100
a beatiful mind 70x100
anna magnani 80x80
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Universita' La Sapienza di Roma, 2000
IED, 2002
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The Secret Gallery
pop, surrealism, photography, sculpture

Anna Laura Millacci,  is an Art Designer and a Visual Artist.  She is an Italian eclectic and unconventional artist, communications expert,  founder of the cultural association That's Italia Art . She lives and works in Rome, where he has her own art gallery: The Secret Gallery, that she used as a factory to combine art, design, music and video.  She is currently working on a new project that’s combining art and design for the target of Chinese market in collaboration with the architect Fabio Rotella. The project provides  a collection of tables (coffee break) in resin and some lamps. Designed, painted  and realized by the artist, treated with the same mixed technique of her paintings. These design objects will be presented in autumn 2014 at Italian Living Space Experience by Studio Rotella in the district 751 of Beijing, the new avant-garde neighborhood entirely dedicated to art and design. Anna Laura is finalizing her new collection of paintings called"Atlantis", inspired by the ancient myth of Atlantis. The project is fot the Middle East -  Dubai, (town, which for some gorgeous appearance, can remember some splendors of the ancient submerged city described in Plato's dialogues).

She has recently been engaged in important national and international Art Fairs: As the New York Art Expo 2011, the Amsterdam Affordable Art Fair 2010, Tel Aviv Accessible Art Fair 2012, The International Triennal of Rome 2011 Italy, The Padova Art Fair 2010 (Italy) , the Contemporanea Forlì Art Fair 2010 (Italy) , Spoleto Art Festival 2011 and 2012 edition (Italy) .

Her works have been exhibited also in various prestigious italian museums and foundations, historic buildings and historical events: inside the Cloister of San Francesco in Sorrento, in Castel dell’Ovo and at Maschio Angioino in Naples. Inside the halls of Castle Estense in Ferrara, in the Sale of Bramante in Rome, in the Ignazio Cerio Museum in Capri, in Palermo a the Monreale Civic Museum of Modern Art (permanent exposition) in the Real Stables Estensi in Tivoli, in the sale of Ancient Arsenal of Amalfi (Naples).

Also for the occasion of the “56th edition of the Taormina Film Fest, and at the Pergola Theatre in Florence. Actually her main collections are in permanent exposition at “The Secret Space” Art Factory in Rome, that is his own space. Artistically she moves between different genres changing according to the project that she creates. Abstract, figurative, photography, graphic and painting. Also she create art objects and sculptures.

Anna Laura Millacci has developed an original mixed technique, with a strong material aspect and a unique particularity: the capacity to combine painting, materials, photography, graphics and design. Her works originate from the concept of reworking images and thoughts to give a new form, expression, movement and style to the spaces they occupy. The works are enhanced by applications of colours, earth pigments, stones, resins, glitter, plastic, crystals, gold, silver, metals and sand to emphasise their uniqueness and light.

The assemblage of various materials is combined with modern computer graphics processing. In this amalgamation of different styles and techniques, employing an assortment of various materials put together through bold image semantics, a link can be found which might seem to be an antithesis, or the merging of past and present, reality and fantasy, sacred and profane, and abstract and figurative.

It is an alchemy in which one can feel her eagerness for absolute freedom, far removed from the formulas of historicised trends. Despite the fact that her works can plausibly be situated in an expressionist-surrealist environment, they totally exclude the presence of fixed “schemes” or a “comparative” artistic and cultural methodology.

The symbols, signs and codes she uses are the result of continuous experimentation in the field of figurative arts to enhance her works with continually new forms of expression. Through an emotive impulse in a moment of inspiration, masses of colours freely expand and escape to create delicate atmospheres, charged with intimate urges. The tones of the concentrated material reveal a clear and distinct spirit driven by the same sort of vital energy possessed by each of the works. The various effects of colour intensity point to that sphere of the imaginary which has always driven Anna Laura to make her states of mind and dreams palpable, as in a kind of emotional transcription, yet without ever abandoning aesthetics, the beauty of forms and the irrepressible power of colours and light.

Through instinct and mastery, the artist explores and interprets a form of idealism, not in the strict sense of the term, but in an anti- romantic and critical perspective, as part of a modernist context that transcends any type of convention. Her style shows an elegant control of reality, combined with dreams and inspiration, order within disorder and sublime movements that are careful and de/ composed. All dimensions should be brought into contact. It provides the sense of touch, as well as sight, with a direct and immediate physical sensation of the Idea.


She received numerous acknowledgements in 2010 and 2011 through features in various art publications and specialised magazines reviewed by Italian critic Paolo Levi . She also won second prize at the Third International Festival Roma Art Festival in Villa Pamphili,and came third prize in the prestigious “La Piazzetta Prize” at the Verdi Theatre in Salerno. In 2010 she went to Belgium, where she received the "Gateway to Flanders" Trophy from the Bruges Municipal Department of Culture. She was also awarded in october 2010 the “Golden Palm for Art" in Cannes, Mandelieu by George Pali . -


Her formative career has been varied and many-faceted: she attended a secondary school for classical studies and then moved to Milan immediately afterwards, where she studied FASHION AND DESIGN at the prestigious "ISTITUTO MARANGONI FASHION SCHOOL” in Milan. She then returned to Rome and earned a degree in “Communications and Mass Media” from the “La Sapienza” University Faculty of Communications. As part of her university experience, she underwent various internships in TV journalism with the M. Santoro and M. Costanzo production teams.

Following this, she pursued her true creative flair with various graphics and multimedia courses, finally taking a postgraduate ASP Masters course in DESIGN at the IED (ISTITUTO EUROPEO DI DESIGN) in Rome.

From 2000, she worked as an Art Director for various important communications agencies (including Inferentia Dnm and FullSix Italia) until she decided to open her own agency.

In 2010 she delegated her communications agency work to others and dedicated herself full-time to art, which has always been her true passion, opening her own Art and Design Studio: and in 2012 she found a Cultural Association called That's Italia Art.


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