Margaret DeLima

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Self-Portrait in Hospital with Cookie circa 1976 , 2006 Papier Mâché, Wire, M&M Cookie 14” X 9” X 10” © Margaret DeLima 2006
Self-Portrait with Cougar, 2006 Papier Mâché, Wire And Vintage Matchbox Car 14” X 9” X 3” © Margaret DeLima 2006
Self-Portrait with Candy Button Dress, 2006 Papier Mâché, Wire, Candy Buttons 15” X 6” X 3” © Margaret DeLima 2006
Geometry of Me, 2006 Acrylic Paint, Chalk And China Marker On Paper With Papier Mâché Figures 48” X 65” X 3” © Margaret DeLima 2006
Feed Me, 2008 Papier Mâché And Bass Wood 3.25" X 3.25" X 8" © Margaret DeLima 2008
Reliquary for a Pennie Doll, 2015 Acrylic Paint On Papier Mâché And Basswood With 35mm Slide 7” X 3.5” X 3”
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Kings Park, NY

I am a visual artist, trained in clay but working in paper:  I make, recycle, mold, form, tape, tear, wrap, glue, paint and fold paper, but sometimes I draw or write on it.  With nearly weightless paper, I deconstruct heavy matters.  I create intimate works that examine my relationship with space.  I situate miniature, self-portrait figures alone, in two-dimensional environments or with readymade objects to illustrate themes of identity and body politics.  I employ the visual language of childhood to narrate autobiographical moments.

The temporality of paper reflects the ephemeral qualities of nostalgia; I am fascinated by recollections provoked by textures, objects and photographs.  I translate specific personal experiences into three-dimensional snapshots, giving volume to suspended memory.  I do this through the exploration of place and body as repositories of emotion and knowledge.  Conscious of how sensory encounters inform my understanding of the world, I create objects to both enshrine and supplement memory.  In my process, I transcend my previous understandings and thus continually transform my perceptions.

In my work, I mark the places where my life intersects with others.  I do this in two ways:  by revisiting my personal history to make objects for contemplation and by engaging others in conversation about common experience. 

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