Carmen Figueroa

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VoiD, 2010 Lithography 22" X 30" © Carmen Figueroa
Transition, 2011 Intaglio 22" X 30" © Carmen Figueroa
Fluidity, 2011 Monotype 22' X 30" © Carmen Figueroa
Air Triptych. Left, 2010 Lithograph 21" X 30" © Carmen Figueroa
Air Triptych. Center, 2010 Lithograph 16" X 30" © Carmen Figueroa
Air Triptych. Right, 2010 Lithograph 21" X 30" © Carmen Figueroa
Dead Lover Triptych, 2009 Intaglio 22" X 15" © Carmen Figueroa
To Lean, 2011 Lithograph 22" X 31" © Carmen Figueroa
Shadow-PlaY, 2011 Lithograph 22" X 30" © Carmen Figueroa
Under the Ground, 2010 Intaglio 18" X 31"
Cell Intaglio © Mehdi Darvishi
Quick Facts
Instituto Nacional De Bellas Artes, 2003, BA Equivalent
Brooklyn College
printmaking/lithography, printmaking/monotype, printmaking surrealism, modern, figurative


  In my work, I explore deeply personal and private thoughts that nevertheless are common to all. How we sense our material being, the sensory experiences absorbed through the body the interaction of the physical along with the non-physical way in which we sense ourselves. The longing for what is lost, internal dialogues, reflections about how people interact with each other, secret meanings infused in ordinary occurrences, intentions that remain unspoken and specific investigations of ideas are all taken into account and also serve as inspiration while constructing the images. 

  Through the modification of the human body and the surroundings, along with metaphorical settings, I seek to render the unseen, in order to approximate a more accurate representation of the way we inhabit our lives. The human form becomes the root to infinite variables in the investigation of an idea and the settings serve to locate the figure in or out of space and time. 

  The element of the unknown is always present, creating tension and infusing the imaginary with a sort of mysticism, sometimes dictated by what is veiled in the unconscious part of the brain, the dreams that infect the waking life with indecipherable messages, the perception of time in a non-lineal way and the true understanding of mortality and how death ejects us from the physical world into the truly unknown and ends the relationship with this reality.

  All these factors focus my work into a meticulous balancing act of representing the influence of the unseen in a visual way. 

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