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Photograph Tba © 2009
Mannequins , 2009 Photography Undecided © 2009
2 Chairs (part of "Abandoned" series), 2009 Photography Undecided © 2009
3 Chair Alley (part of "Abandoned" series), 2009 Photography Undecided © 2009
Route 40 (part of the "Abanonded" series), 2009 Photography Undecided © 2009
Desert Inn, Beatty, NV, 2010 Photograph Tba © 2010
Untitled , 2010 Photography Undecided © 2010
Meters, 2010 Photography Undecided © 2010
Links, 2010 Photography Undecided © 2010
Hot Wheels, August 2010 Digital Photography Undecided © 2010
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West Hollywood
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California and Arizona
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My goal is to show the viewer some thing they missed.



My photographic journey began over a decade ago after receiving my father’s old 35mm Canon AE1, but the photographic light bulb didn’t go off until 2001 when I went to Japan.

Before 2001, from my early 20's to my early 30's, traveling to places like Tahiti, Belize, Australia, Mexico, Guatemala, Hawaii, and numerous trips to the Grand Canyon, I was lucky to get my film back with a couple descent 4x6 prints.  And after each trip I wondered why my pictures weren’t as good as the ones I was seeing in the travel magazines or National Geographic.

In 2001, finally fed up with my travel photographs poor results I decided the time had come to buy a professional 35mm camera.  So before leaving Los Angeles for Japan, I purchased a 35mm Canon EOS3 with a Tamron 28-200mm lens, and from that moment I noticed a remarkable inrpovement in my photographs.  However, after spending a few years using my 35mm Canon EOS3, and still not completely satisfied with my image results, it was time to start learning more about photography and the technical information needed to capture truly excellent photographs.


My photographic education began with a color photography class at an adult annex of Santa Monica College.  After just one class, I realized how much I not only love, but at times am addicted to, photography.  From there I enrolled in the photography program at Santa Monica College and spent the next few years progressing through all the available evening photo classes such as black and white printing, color printing, commercial, portrait, flash, and photoshop.  Even today as a professional freelance photographer with over 225 publishing credits, I continue my pursuit for any and all new information and inspiration.



Because my life is not one dimensional, my professional photography services exemplify my ability to adapt and thrive within a variety of subject matter and changing environments.  I offer professional photography service related to (but not limited to) weddings, events, portraiture, commercial product (print and web based), fashion, glamour, modeling, boudoir, music, travel, and hired projects.  My personal photography involves many different projects with subject matter related to landscapes, travel, nature, architecture, portraiture, music, symbolism, and artistic nudes.



From my first published photo in 2005 my publishing credits and client list has continued to grow including the likes of All Access Magazine, Music Connection, Strutter Magazine, Combat In Effect, the State of Alaska’s official tourist website (, Arizona Office of Tourism, San Gabriel Press, Pasadena Star News, Whittier Daily News, Zulu Tattoo, Faith and Form Magazine, Sfarzo guitar strings, Peerless Guitars, Mills Acoustic, CoolMusic Inc., Karenz Cakes, the Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California, and the feature film “Sin-Jin Smyth.”



My camera medium is as varied as my subject matter with my decision to use a certain camera depending primarily on my vision for the final print.  I’ve been a Canon shooter for many years and remain so today using the Canon 5D as my primary camera and a Canon 20D serving as back-up.  I also use with frequent regularity a 35mm Canon EOS3, a Hasselblad 500C/M and a Holga for medium format, a Shin Hao for large format, and a Polaroid Land 330.



  • 2009 - ARTundressed; Wyndwood Social Club, Miami; print “In the Wind.”
  • 2009 - ARTundressed; BOXeight Studios, Los Angeles; print “In the Wind.”.
  • 2009 - ARTundressed; California Modern Art Gallery, San Francisco; print “In the Wind.”
  • 2008 - Infusion Gallery; Los Angeles; four prints from the nude series “Morning Dream.”
  • 2008 - Spring Arts Collective Gallery; Los Angeles; five prints from the landscape series “Limbs of Wisdom.”
  • 2007 - Kopeikan Gallery; Los Angeles; print “View of the Sound.”
  • 2006 - LaFoto Gallery; Santa Monica; print “Fiddle.”
  • 2005 - Santa Monica College Photo Gallery; Santa Monica; print “Who Is She?”



  • 2009 received Finalist Award from Erotic Signature for landscape nude “In the Wind.”  In addition to the award, the image was published in the fine art book entitled “World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today - vol# 3.”
  • 2007 received Finalist Award from Photographer’s Forum Magazine for “Malibu Pier at Midnight” and “Great White Shark feeding.”  In addition to the awards, both images were published in the 2007 Photographer’s Forum Magazine Annual.



  • “Catholic Symbols” - a photo project involving all 21 California Missions.
  • A spiritual inspirational photo book (currently untitled) encompassing both my landscape photography and catholic symbols photography.
  • A road trip photo book (currently untitled) encompassing my landscape and travel photography.
  • “Abandoned” - a photo series related to discarded items left behind.
  • A continuation of my fine art landscape nudes.
  • A manuscript entitled “A Childless Man’s Adventures in Parenting.”  This manuscript is complete and I’m currently seeking representation and publishing.  The second book in the series is currently being written.
  • “Search for the Hidden Gem” – a bi-monthly CD review blog I write for All Access Magazine (




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