Gizem Bacaz

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Life, Art & The Machine, 2008 Oil On Canvas 20x40 © gizem bacaz 2008
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Istanbul, Turkey
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Newark NJ, Seed Gallery
Visionary, Art, psychedelic, Turkey, NYC, expressionism, outsider-art, outside, Japan, japanese, mixed-media, arts-educator, gallerist, collective, performance, arts-director, studio-lofts, graffiti/street-art, gallery, exhibition/performance, cultural-center

The elements play a great role in the transcendental realm of Gizem Bacaz.  Where "reality" is merely a macrocosmic identity of reflection that are created at the birth of every thought.  The viewer is given a chance to delve inward into the realms of the psyche.  The process of creating these large oil paintings come from the reflection of itself which then creates a pattern of discovery of the thread that makes the fabric of realities.

The process of the painting carries on for several years becoming a palette for healing and inner and outer exploration.  All of the elements in nature play a great role in influencing the meditative strokes that create the vision.

"Some days I look into the painting and see a whole new world being created, almost like the canvas is the medium to connect to other dimensions that exist out there."