Lowell Nickel

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"Well" Traveled, 5/01/16 Multimedia 14'x 38' © Nickel
window dressing-installation, 2011 Mixed Media Flotsam 16'x4'x12' © lowell nickel
"Footware" Flotsam series, 2012 Digital 32"X 64" © Nickel
"Beached Foot ware", 2014 Found Foot Ware 12'x14' © Nickel
"7.5 Bounce", 2016 Archival Digital Print 24"X36" © Nickel
"Tideline Drift", 7/22/14 Digital Photograph 32"X72" © nickel
"Stress Relief", 2014 Digital Inkjet Prints 24"X36" © Nickel
Green Scene '15, 2015 Digital Inkjet Archival Prints 24"X24" © Nickel
Lowell Nickel, 2012 Digital Photograph 20"X 45"(Or Print To Actual Size Of Subjects) © Nickel
Beach Balls Sm. Cluster, 2012 Digital Inkjet Archival Prints 18"X20" © Nickel
Lowell Nickel, 2014 Digital Photograph 32"X74" © nickel
Letter Mix Cluster, 2011 Digital Ink Jet Print 18"X 22" © Nickel
MBCC Gallery opening, 8/2011 Mixed Media Flotsam 38"X 76"X 18" © nickel
LACDA~Exhibit "Nothing New", 10/12~11/12 Digital Images As Prints Varied Lg. Formated © Nickel
Cluster#39, 2011 Inkjet Prints ~Archival Inks & Paper 24"X45" (May Print To Actual Size Of Subjects) © lowell nickel
Lowell Nickel, 2012 Digital Photograph © nickel
Billboard proposal "Flotsam", 2013 Digital Fits All © Nickel
Exhibit poster © Nickel
"Kayak Floatilla", 7/06/16 Mixed Media & Flotsam 10'x 3'x 2' © nickel
"Sea Bed", 7/04/16 Mixed Media ~Found Objects 7'x 9'x4' © Nickel
"Beached Walkers", 7/04/16 Found Foot Ware 12'x 15' 2' © Nickel
Marymount University Klaus Gallery, 7/06/16 Flotsam Installation And Prints East Wall View © nickel
Faux Stones project (outsider art), 1999~2012 Stoneware Clays 4"X 5"Ea. © nickel
Hands on ~outsider art, 2009 Landscape & Gps 4"X 5"Ea. © Nickel
Faux Lithos series, 1999~2012 Landscape 4"X 5" © nickel
Faux Stones unloaded, 8/ 2008 Stoneware Clays 4"X 5"Ea. © Nickel
Quick Facts
Los Angeles Ca.
Lives in
San Pedro CA.
Works in
No. Hollywood
California State University, Long Beach, 1994, MFA
Representing galleries
Zask Gallery, Angels ink
Installations, digital photography, Earthwork sculpture


Flotsam Clusters “Nothing New” 

Decade long project of digitally prepared prints, found object sculpture and installations

2005 - 2016 • Lowell Nickel

“Nothing New, again” ’   

  By studying human discards archaeologists have reconstructed most of what we know about the past. It is this kind of examination of flotsam that Nickel presents us with i.e. aspects of our present population's demographics and consumer habits. This artistic investigation into the beached rubbish can be subscribed by what has recently been defined as the “Anthropocene”. The term Anthropocene or Homocene Epoch begins when human activities started to have a significant global impact on earth's geology and ecosystems.  The basic concept of Nickel’s art project can be strengthened by a perceptible model of a geologically (human disposed) stratification.

  As a devoted beachcomber and lifelong roadside treasure hunter Nickel sees these deposited materials as our own footprint to be weather away into our own layered earth strata. The weathering forces of nature serve as the ultimate liberator of all manmade materials… this does not come without alterations of risky consequence.

“I have always enjoyed playing with the formal principals of art making. That said; it has also been my intention to venture beyond the specific problems of aesthetic resolution. I seek to invoke a lyrical rebirth of this subject matter, restated, cleansed and yet caustic. This strategy i.e. a renewal of this urban flotsam through re-contextualization, whereas, rubbish with all it’s seasoned attributes somehow displays breath and elegance. This artwork is designed and presented to slyly seduce the viewer, with or with out an environmental narrative.”

    There’s nothing new here… it is all just repackaged and recycled. These images and installation work may even challenge the viewer to consider tracking ones own steps (see “Foot-ware" installations) relative to a personal recognition of a much larger cultural foot print.

 Faux Stones project: The California East Mojave desert is an expansive area that is to be walked upon. The washes and alluvium fans are to be explored if not just for the pleasures of place but to aid recover from NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder). These stoneware objects are hollow with porcelain spheres (seeded) inside... so to form as a geode over time. This Faux Stone project is a annual transendent ritual for me as I will (GPS) site these stoneware objects back to from whence it came. This annual desert trekk has become a pilgimage for me. 



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