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Exit, aug 2015 Acrylic On Canvas 105x170 Cm © daniel mullen
Event Horizon, may 2015 Acrylic On Canvas 200x200cm © daniel mullen
Perpetual symmetry, feb 2015 Acrylic On Canvas 180x180cm © daniel mullen
Monument to the future, May 2015 Acrylic On Canvas 180x180cm © daniel mullen
Oscillating Horizon, Feb 2015 Acrylic On Canvas 200x200cm © daniel mullen
Constructing the horizon, feb 2015 Acrylic On Canvas 140x180cm © daniel mullen
repetition in movement, aug 2014 Oil On Canvas 160x180cm © daniel mullen
Under Construction, 07/04/2012 Oil On Canvas 200x200cm © Daniel Mullen
Between section 2, 18/12/2011 Oil On Canvas 110x110cm © daniel mullen
Section No.5, Nov, 2011 Oil On Canvas 200x200cm © Daniel Mullen
Section No.1, Sep 2011 Oil On Canvas 110x110cm © Daniel Mullen
Pillar No.7, Sep 2011 Oil On Cotton 100x100 Cm © Daniel Mullen
Untitled Space No.10, 2011 Oil On Cotton 145 X 190 X 3.5 Cm © Daniel Mullen
Untitled Space No.9, 2011 Oil On Cotton 145x190cm © Daniel Mullen
Unititled Space No.7, 2011 Oil On Cotton 150 X 285 X 5 Cm © Daniel Mullen
Untitled Space No.6, 2010 Oil On Cotton 160 X 280 X 5 Cm © Daniel Mullen
Instalation No's 8 and 6, 2011 Oil On Cotton © Gert Jan van Rooij
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Glasgow Scotland
Birth year
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Gerrit Rietveld Academie - Amsterdam
perspective realism painting realism realism surrealism, Untitled, Emptiness, space, Achitectural figurative realism realism, modern, figurative, conceptual


Daniel Mullen Born in Scotland (1985) graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in July 2011 currently he lives and works in Amsterdam furthering his artistic practice.

About Daniels new work

The work Of Daniel Mullen

I make images of abstract architectural volumes, that seem weightless and transparent, where the scale is left to the imagination of the viewer.

Emptiness is at the core of my thoughts about my perception of reality. As a child I really knew how to play, my imagination dominated my experience of my surroundings. I often got dragged kicking and screaming back to reality. I think at the core of things I feel as a person stuck between reality and my imagination and yet somehow can  move between both. For me, this question of constantly cots bound into a booklet. There was one empty/blank piece of paper that you could use to place behind each page so the text would become readable. ming into being and non being is where my fascination for emptiness comes. I like its contradictory nature, it feels like a truth that I can relate too and expand on.

My Graduation thesis (2011) was about emptiness I used the concept of the archetypal glass and the Rene' Magritte's  "Ceci n'est pas une pipe." as a visual metaphor to explore the concept of emptiness. In my visual work architecture acts as that container.  The whole thesis was printed on transparent plastic sheet. For me understanding the concept of emptiness, and finding my relationship to it, enabled me peel away the layers of everything that was unessential in the painted image. The breakthrough in the work came when I began to paint on the unprepared canvas (2013). Before this moment I painted on gesso prepared canvas and I always had the feeling that the white spaces had to be filled up, to me it was like a negative emptiness. But the raw canvas seemed like an open emptiness in the sense that it was already something before Interacted with it. So I see the raw canvas as the place between reality and my imagination. For example in the Series "What Utopia"  I'm looking at how my universe could be constructed in a more practical way, whilst contemplating the concept of Utopia. In the series Spatial inception it is more ambiguous.


For me transparency, has to do with my fragility and imagination . Imagination is a projection of one's desires and self onto reality. But it doesn't exist other than as a mental projection, and yet it can seem real enough and has substance.  So I use transparent layers in my work to explore this paradox of existing but not existing, being an illusion and undermining the illusion. Possibly seeming real and yet possibly not. I see my paintings as sketches, as a moment of clarity whilst simultaneously being unstable and fleeting. My older work from 2010-2013 was much more about exploring existing architecture and how i could find possibilities to translate the material it into my own fantasy. Although it was relying on representation I was busy with simplifying the spaces, leaving out the things that were of no interest to me, like a light switch, a chair, anything that gave an indication of scale. In this way I could transform the space into something that stimulated my imagination.  In my more recent work I have zoomed out, leaving  the internal spaces behind and focusing on the external/volume. This simplified a lot for me, I was able to activate my imagination in such a manner that I could construct, without taking into consideration aspects that define the possibilities within physical architecture, like gravity or material/functionality. Within my new works I feel free to set the rules, it is my universe and I am the architect at play.


Daniel Mullen CV

1985                       Born in Glasgow Scotland
1989-1995              Glasgow Steiner school
1995-2003              Edinbrugh Rudolf Steiner school
2003-2004              Triform camphill community,  New York state (USA) 
2005-2006              Preparation course  Gerrit Rietveld Academie
2006-2011              BFA  Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam)
2011 - present       NDSM werf studio P9  (Amsterdam)

2015  July 4th

Open studios: NDSM Open Studio P9 @NDSM-WERF Atelier P9 
2015   June 21st -1st Aug
Group Exhibition: Summer expo @ Francis Boeske Projects and Nieuwe Dakota
2015   June 12th-28th of August        
Group Exhibition: "Summer in the city2 "  City Scapes Gallery Amsterdam
2015   June 6th-18th of june
Group Exhibition: SHOW WHAT YOU WANT,  exhibition and first edition magazine launch of Platform Platvorm   @ Galerie BART (Bart Invites)
2015   March       
DuoExhibition: Gribling and Daniel Mullen exhibition at Cityscapes gallery amsterdam

2014 Nov
Art fair:                  Pan amsterdam (art fair) with Gallery Brandt
2014 Oct              
Group Exhibition:    The Royal prize for painting @  paleis amsterdam
2014 July            
Group Exhibition:     Slangen Hulsker Architects in Haarlem with Galerie Brandt
2014 July             
Group Exhibition:       "Summer in the city"  GM8 City Scapes Gallery Amsterdam
2014 july                
Group Exhibition:     Open ateliers, NDSM-werf  Studio P9
Art fair:                    I Amsterdam you Berlin  Art fair (
Galerie Brandt) during Gallery Weekend Berlin
2014, Feb              
Art fair:                     Amfad Experimental art fair, amsterdam
2014, feb               
Art fair:                      Raw art fair Rotterdam "Galerie Brandt"

2013, Sep              
Group Exhibition:       2x2 Exhibition and fundraiser at Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation  ESKFF at Mana Contemporary New Jersey
2013, Sep              
Group Exhibition:       WE LIKE ART" Initiative from the Mondrian fonds, ABN AMRO,
2013, June               
Group Exhibition:      Open ateliers P9 NDSM werf Amsterdam     
2013, May              
Art Fair:                    Kunst RAI 2013, Galerie Brandt Staand 17
2013,  April            
Duo Exhibition:          ntersecting Perspectives  Daniel Mullen & Harm van den Berg   Galerie Brandt Amsterdam  
2013, Feb
Online feature:          Artist a day, one day on artist


2012  Dec                
pop up show:           Super show Amsterdam
2012 Oct                  
Group Exhibition:       De Nieuwe Rembrandt “Uitzending Gemist” Curator: Tanya Rumpff De korenbeurs (Schiedam)
2012  July                
Group Exhibition:        First choice , De StadsGalerij Breda
2012  July               
Group Exhibition:       10 finalist of De nieuwe Rembrandt,
Gallery Metis   (Amsterdam)
2012  May             

Group Exhibition:      "Galerie Brandt 2 jaar!" Galerie Brandt (Amsterdam)
2012 May                                                      
Duo Exhibition:      
   "Danielle Luinge and Daniel Mullen, Galerie De Queste
2012  May               
art fair :                    Kunst RAI Galerie Brandt
2012 Feb                
Group Exhibition:     “A small Embassy of living Painters” De apples Galerie (Amsterdam)      


2011 Sep                Exhibition in Residence -first four-
Group Exhibition:     
2011 July                Graduation show Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Group Exhibition:    
2011, Feb
Group Exhibition:     De Oude Kerk (Amsterdam)


2010, Nov
Group Exhibition:     De Boven’s Gallery (Amsterdam)
2009, May
Group Exhibition:     The Thought Gallery (Amsterdam)
2009, June
Group Exhibition:     Diamond Factory (Amsterdam)
2008, April
Group Exhibition:     De service Garage (Amsterdam)
2007, Oct
Group Exhibition:     Gallery 354  (Hudson, NY, USA)

  AkzoNobel- Netherlands
                      Edison Investment Research- London    

Private Collections in

United states

United Kingdom 
Hon Kong


2015  publications:
2014  publications:
2014  Publications:
2014  publications:
2014  publications:  get inspired magazine issue 18

2015  Platvorm platform first edition
2014  The royal painters prize
2012  Tableau No.2

2015    online interview :     Ex_pose (Greek)
2015    online interview  :

2014    Nominated for the dutch royal prize for painting
2012   Nominated, For the Buning  Brongers Prize for Painting
2012   finalist of tv program, The Nieuwe Rembrandt
2012   Art slant 1st showcase Winner
2011   Art slant 5th showcase Winner

Facutly member
Free Columbia Project New york
2016 Feb project: Creativity and metamorphosis
2015 Feb project: Creativity and metamorphosis

Guest Teaching

Basic year Gerrit Rietveld Academie
2008 Art Project, Havo,

Op de Thorbecke school in Zwolle (secondary school)
Art Project: Students,  Havo, mavo,vmbo,

De RSG N.O.-Veluwe, Epe. (secondary school)










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