Juan Raul Hoyos

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Compound 2, 2009-2010 Installation With 513 Recycled Paper Bags Printed On Serigraphy 15' X 15' X 11" © Santiago Bernal
Compound 3, 2009-2010 Installation With 513 Recycled Paper Bags Printed On Sarigraphy 20' X 20' X17" © Santiago Bernal
Project SINTEC, 2009-2011 Installation With Cardboard Boxes,Recycled From Urban Commerce And Wall Paper Mural;And Serigraphy Variable © Santiago Bernal
Reordenamientos, 2010 Plaster And Wood Sculpture Vacuum Packed Variable © JR Hoyos
EXIT, 2009 Painting Printing Installation 50' X 30' © jJR Hoyos
Escultura-Mural, 2008-2010 250 Serigraphies And Metalic Ink On Recycled Paper,Vacuum Packed Variable
CITARE, 2008-2010 Wood Aluminum Paper And Silk Screen Variable
Compound 2, 2009-2010 Installation With 513 Recycled Paper Bags Printed On Serigraphy 15' X 15' X 11" © Santiago Bernal
© Courtesy of the artist and Etra Fine Art
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National University of Colombia, 1985, Fine Arts
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Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery Miami, Galeria de la oficina Medellin Colombia
installation, sculpture


Juan Raul Hoyos


An important and decisive aspect of my career is that almost unintentionally, I have fused photographic images into painting, using mix media.

Despite printing repeatedly using silk screen techniques, I have not produced numbered series or editions.  My paintings and installations are composed by individual modules, which joined on a single surface, establish their own resonance.

They are real images of the city, urban landscapes of the place where I find myself.  They act as a frame, as ongoing reflections between the domestic and the urban, as a sort of approach to the things which surround me. 

Like a zoom lens or a movie camera, my vision generally moves between the general to the particular -and vice versa- with neither a logical nor a consecutive chronology. At times, this technique unleashes a fairly meticulous approach to the objects.   On other instances, the lens opens and I pause to observe the architecture of things.

In short, my work is a constant exploration of the surrounding living City.

Juan Raul Hoyos

Colombia 1962.




Fine Arts National University of Colombia (Medellin)




Museum of Modern Art Medellin Colombia

 “Pictografica” 2OO9


Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery-Miami USA

“I missed the abstract expressionists and I wasn`t here for the beginning of pop” 2008


Galeria Entre Arte-Bogota Colombia 2008

“Sabor Natural”


Alejandra Von Hartz-Miami USA 2OO5

“Natural Flavor”


Galeria de La Oficina -Medellin Colombia

“Vegetalia” 1998


Paulina Rieloff Gallery-New York USA

“Flora Carnal” 1994


Museo Universitario Universidad De Antioquia- Medellin Colombia

“Flora Carnal” 1993


Museum of Contemporary Art Bogota Colombia

“Metal Organico”  1987


Alianza Colombo Francesa-Bogota Colombia

“Fragmento como Elemento” 1986




Sala Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango/Banco de La Republica-Salon BBVA Nuevos Nombres Bogota Colombia 2011
Bienal Interamericana de Arquitectura  “Puntos de Fuga” Biblioteca E P M Medellin Colombia 2010 Salon

Museum of Modern Art Medellin Colombia

“Corte 50”  2009


Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery-Miami USA

“Last Days of Summer” 2OO9


Galeria Entre Arte-Bogota Colombia

“Popular Pop”2OO8


Museum of Antioquia-Medellin Colombia

XI Salon Regional de Artistas 2007


Museum of Mdern Art Bogota Colombia

40 Salon Nacional De Colombia


Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery

“Large Format” 2OO7


Galeria de La Oficina-Medellin Colombia

“San Sebastian” 2002


Suramericana de Seguros

50 Años de Pintura y Escultura en Antioquia 1999


Galeria de La Oficina 1999


Museum of Mdern Art Cartagena Colombia

“Una mirada post feminista en la decada de los 90” Curada por Viviana Velez


Santa Fe Community College-New Mexico USA

“Summer Show 1997”


Museum of Mdern Art Medellin Colombia



Santa Fe Council For the Arts-New Mexico USA

“4 Abstract Expressionists” 1996


Museum of Mdern Art Medellin Colombia

Salon Rabinovich 1988


Paulina Rieloff Gallery-New York USA

“On Paper” 1993


New England Fine Arts Institute-Boston USA

“New Expressions 93”


Museum of Contemporary Art-Bogota Colombia

M. A. C. 20 Años


Kunst Forum Von Arabella Park

“12 Colombianos” 1988


Suramericana de Seguros 1986


Galeria Diners-Bogota Colombia 1986

“Obra en Marcha”





Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogota

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo-Bogota Colombia

Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellin

Museo de Arte Moderno de Cartagena

Museo Universitario Universidad de Antioquia –Medellin Colombia

First Bank of The Americas-New York USA

Cementos Argos- Medellin Colombia

Leo Burnett-Bogota Advertisement Colombia

Camara de Comercio de Medellin






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Von Hartz Alejandra “Sobre Pictografica”, libro Pictografica Ediciones MAMM,Medellin,Julio-2009


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