Myrna Medel

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mixing from within, Sept. 2011 Encaustic Monotype 8" X 10"
meditation, July2011 Digital Art 14 X 17 © myrna medel
bromeliads, 2008 Acrylic 30 X 40 © myrnamedel
peaches, june 2011 Watercolor 14 X 21 1/2 © myrnamedel
abstract, June 2011 Acrylic 24 X 30 © myrnamedel
succulents, June 2011 Watercolor 16 X 20 © myrnamedel
Rose, August 2010 Watercolor 16 X 20 © myrnamedel
agave, July 2008 Acrylic 11 X 14 © myrnamedel
untitled, sept.2011 Encaustic Monotype On Printing Paper 10 X 10 © myrnamedel
bubbles, Sept. 2011 Encaustic Monotype On Printing Paper 10 X 10
rose, Oct. 2011 Watercolor 14 X 14 X 1 © myrna medel
untitled, Sept. 2011 Encaustic Monotype 10 X 10 © myrnamedel
untitled, Sept. 2011 Encaustic Monotype 10 X 10 © myrnamedel
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mixed-media, photography, digital, sculpture

Hailing from a long line of artists, Myrna Medel began her interest in arts as a child. She studied at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila Philippines, where she earned her B.F.A. in Advertising Arts. She then went on to get an Associate's degree in Interior Design at the Philippine School of Interior Design.

After a hiatus of many years, she returns to her first love, painting, and dabbles in encaustic, mixed media, metal jewelry, sculpture in clay and wood. Myrna's acrylic and watercolor paintings illustrate her passion for nature. Ideas for Myrna's paintings are taken from immediate surroundings, which include a variety of plants that she has collected and cultivated. Myrna zealously applies rich and vibrant colours with precision to represent cacti, succulents and bromeliads among other favorite subjects.

In 1999, Myrna won second place in the painting category of the Fern and Exotic Plants Show  by the American Fern Society. Her work has been featured in Vision (Fine Art and Architecture magazine). Most recently, Myrna's paintings have been the subject of exhibitions and festivals including the Santa Clarita Artists Association's Summer Art Festival in Valencia, California. Myrna lives and paints in Santa Clarita Valley, California.