sheena kisalay vora

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frozen transiency 1, 2009 Photography © sheena kisalay vora
lost in mumbai city, 2007 Cell Phone Camera © sheena kisalay vora
bumper to bumper, 2007 Cell Phone Camera © sheena kisalay vora
living lights 1, 2009 Photography © sheena kisalay vora
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mumbai n pune
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mumbai n pune
Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, 1988, BFA
pop, surrealism, modern, traditional, photography, digital, conceptual

Sheena Kisalay Vora. Age - 38. Photographer.

I am a Fine art photographer based in India. I graduated from the prestigious Sir. J. J. School of Art with a B.F.A degree and started of as a commercial photographer doing advertising stills and also dabbled in graphic design.

For the last two years i have shifted gears and moved into the field of Fine Art Photography. My work is an absolute expression of my feelings, thoughts and life experiences.

Photography is described as painting with light and that is exactly what i do...paint with light. My camera is my brush. I believe everything is transient in nature and i portray that same philosophy through my pictures. Nothing is constant. life is always in motion, ever changing. My pictures aim to capture a moment in the ever changing world and hold onto it. Everything will change in time, but i will have a glimpse to cherish!