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Avoidance, January 2011
Van Gogh Sit Here
Warhol Sit Here
The Flag
Alien Flag
Penguins On A Couch
Flag 2
Penny and a Cigarette
Romeo and Julietta
Maybe, Yes
High Above Him There's A Swallow Flying Swiftly Thru The Sky
Sea Space
The City
Mary and Child
Red Boat
Blue Flower-2D
Blue Flower-2D
First Date
Brass Flower
Flower Catalog
Guess Jesus
Guess Jesus
Hollywood Tourist
Red Flower 2D
She Cries Pearls
Shelter and Sorrow #1
Shelter and Sorrow #1
Shelter and Sorrow #3
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Jaime Becker

Jaime Becker's environmentally conscious collage/mixed media pieces range from textured and layered three dimensional pieces to flat works. A big portion of her work consists of found objects, discarded material and recycled products.




Last Projects, “Land of Smokes: Landscapes and Los Angeles" Hollywood, CA 2017

Gabba Galery in permanent gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Branded Arts, RFK Mural Festival, Los Angeles, CA  2016

Daniel Rolnik Gallery Santa Monica, CA 2014-2015

Gabba Gallery, “Kool Layed” Los Angeles, CA 2014

TCL Chinese Theater, “Branded Arts” Hollywood, CA 2014

Studiofive08, “Liquid Dreams” Santa Monica, CA 2014

Siren Studios, “Get Art 7” Project Angel Food, Hollywood, CA  2014

Gabba Gallery, “Urban Playground” Los Angeles, CA 2014

Flower Pepper Gallery, “Artists Across America” Pasadena, CA 2014 (guest curator, Daniel Rolnik)

Gabba Gallery, “Bright Ideas” Los Angeles, CA 2014

Gabba Gallery, “Platforms and PAINT” Los Angeles, CA 2014

Hudson/Linc Gallery, Pacific Design Center, “Last Call” Los Angeles 2014

Gabba Gallery, Wish List” Los Angeles, CA 2013

Gabba Gallery, “Wood Metal Screw” 2013

Siren Studios, “Get Art 6” Project Angel Food,  Hollywood CA  2013

Gabba Gallery, “Wabba” Los Angeles, CA   2013

Create/Fixate, “Constellations” Los Angeles, CA  2013

Gabba Gallery, “Corresponding Measures” Los Angeles, CA 2013

“How I Met Your Mother” 2013

Studiofive08, “A Beautiful Oblivion”  Santa Monica, CA 2013

Gabba Gallery, “Cannibal Flower” Los Angeles, CA 2013

Do Art Foundation & LA Street Art Gallery, “Back Alley” Los Angeles, CA  2013

Hudson/Linc Gallery, Pacific Design Center, “Arranged Art” 2013

Renegade Art Gallery, “Open Season” Palm Springs, CA 2012

Branded Arts, Branded Arts Building, Culver City, CA 2012

Art Takes Times Square, New York, NY 2012

Divine Design, Beverly Hills, CA 2012

Siren Studios, “Get Art 5” Project Angel Food,  Hollywood, CA 2012

Renegade Art Gallery, “soi-ree” Palm Springs, CA 2012

Chronos Art Gallery, “High Society”  Los Angeles, CA 2012

New Puppy Gallery Los Angeles, CA 2011

Branded Arts, Smashbox Studios,  Los Angeles, CA 2011

Subspace Gallery Project Space,  Culver City, CA 2011

Co-Op 28, “Feel Sighted II” Group Show,  Los Feliz, CA 2011

BG Gallery - Bleicher/Golightly Gallery, “Feel Sighted” Group Show, Santa Monica, CA  2011

Gallery 939 Los Angeles, CA  2011

Divine Design, Beverly Hills, CA 2011

Siren Studios, “Get Art 4” Project Angel Food, Los Angeles, CA 2011

“Window Between Worlds Art Benefit” James Gray Gallery, Bergamont Station, Santa Monica, CA 2011

Branded Arts, Branded Arts Building, Culver City, CA 2011

Eric Garcetti & Go LA "Arts at the Park After Dark" Barnsdall Art Park Los Angeles, CA 2011

Annual Art and Design Walk-FEM, West Hollywood, CA 2010

Niche LA Gallery,  Los Angeles, CA  2010

The Bar: Down The Rabbit Hole-“Re-Psycholing” One Woman Art Show Los Angeles, CA 2010

“Open Call” Barnsdall Art Park,  Los Angeles, CA 2010

Live Style Marketplace and Gallery, Venice, CA 2010

“Cigar Box Art Show”  2nd Street Cigar Lounge and Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 2010

The Coastal Connection,  Hermosa Beach, CA 2010

International Greenshield, W Hotel,  Westwood, CA 2010

Viva Gallery,  Sherman Oaks, California 2010

“Lights On L.A.”  Pershing Square,  Los Angeles, CA 2010


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Sour Harvest

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Led Art Workshops / Art Talks

Loft At Liz

Sinai Temple

Los Angeles Children’s Hospital

Los Angeles Shriner’s Hospital

Kaiser Permanente Hospital

Guest Judge at Art Center College of Design

On art panel led by art critic Shana Nys Dambrot at Last Projects

On art panel led by LA Times Writer Deborah Vankin at Gabba Gallery

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Personal Statement
I create false paper cities that will remind the viewer of our fragile world and the man-made environments we create. I rip, tear and cut reclaimed images with purpose. I want the viewer to struggle with the fragility of the paper juxtaposed to the strong, concrete images of a building, person or object that has been printed upon it.  Humans and objects can erode and fall apart at any time; it is all paper thin.  I utilize two-dimensional reclaimed flat images and force them into a dimensional structure which gives your psyche a sense of movement and depth. I call this: “Structural Collage.” A portion of all my art sales benefits Cancer Research Institute.

Art Review
Born outside of Chicago, Jaime Becker was and is influenced by the buzz and draw of a city and how people relate to their environment.  Employing mixed media to inspire and make anew, Jaime Becker’s environmentally conscious collage is complex and graceful.  Found objects of discarded material and recycled products texture her three-dimensional pieces and imbue her flat works with false illusions and a lively avoidance. A piece of wood abandoned from a construction site, a kitchen cabinet left for the garbage collector, a vacationer’s post-card that never found its way home reminds us that anything can be art and they all have living breathing stories we know nothing about.  Many of these images cannot be pinpointed to specific time or place. They are from everywhere. They are everything. They are a manufactured truth. Becker reminds us that forgotten items, lost to time and the elements, can be both harrowing and sacred.  Her art is unrefined, the edges exposed, the feeling crisp.  

Jaime Becker is redefining and expanding on what collage means and is taking it to a new level. She brings it out of the one-dimensional plane and carries it past the canvas.  Jaime has been greatly influenced by the Impressionist Movement, Cubism and the Dada Movement.  She shows the viewer the big strokes of the idea of a cityscape, of a location and of a feeling. A viewer can get dwarfed in the void and the congestion of her art. It is a labyrinth of options of which way to look and which way is up or down. Its perspective is moveable.  

Jaime Becker is inspired by the Impressionist movement with a nod to Dadaism and Cubism. She uses reclaimed objects to build the impression of city environs where people do not make eye-contact with each other. She doesn’t abide by any sense of traditional perspective. Her pieces have multiple vantage points all assembled and sharing the same space.

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