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Pink Dog and me

  Pink Dog is irreverent, obnoxious, opinionated, mean spirited, bitter, callous, skeptical, unpredictable, revolutionary and very, very conniving. His bite is bigger than his bark. He doesn’t have a nice bone in his body and doesn’t care about war, hunger or injustice. He likes to receive rather than give – extremely materialistic. He basically has no fear, filters or soul. He pops up in my work periodically. I tread cautiously. Secretly, Pink Dog wishes he was me but he likes hot sauce and is extremely nasty. PD (how I sometimes refer to him) always wants to lead. The times I look at my work... [more]
Posted by Julian Andres Acosta Pacheco on 7/9/11

One of my favorite quotes...

 “The ego is not master in its own house.” - Sigmund Freud [more]
Posted by Julian Andres Acosta Pacheco on 7/9/11

Things I love and things I dislike

  We all have our lists.   DISLIKE / FEAR Pink Dog  © (nasty)War Child Hunger Oppression Labels   LOVE / HAPPY   X’s Chocolate Ice Cream Painting Sunshine Buying art supplies My cool son :D Greek food Pasta Panda Express Jeans and T-Shirts Birkenstocks Paint Chips  What do your lists include? Leave a comment.... [more]
Posted by Julian Andres Acosta Pacheco on 7/9/11