Dawn Mellor

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According to the public record on the gallery site: Galerie Gabriel Rolt is pleased to present an exhibition of new portraits by Dawn Mellor of members of the former collective The Austerians. This is Mellor's second solo exhibition at the gallery following 'The Conspirators' in 2010. Mellor is the oldest female artist never to have participated in a group exhibition nationally or internationally at many galleries, museums and public institutions in Europe, America and Scandinavia or to have... [more]
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Reza Aramesh, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Desiree Dolron, Terence Koh, Dawn Mellor, Gino Saccone, Peter Schuyff, Conrad Shawcross at Paradise Row January 14th, 2011 - February 19th, 2011
Posted 1/30/11
        The first part will take place at Paradise Row in London in January, the second at Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Amsterdam in May 2011, encompassing the transition from winter into spring. Light-Part 1 is a gathering of very different works by a restricted but coherent selection of artists, each finding an inroad to the theme of Light, imaged in the thresholds of illumination and darkness. This ambitious project is interpreted in austere pieces, as in a kinetic sculpture by Conrad... [more]
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Dawn Mellor at Galerie Gabriel Rolt April 10th, 2010 - May 15th, 2010
Posted 4/26/10
      If her subjects are iconic, then Dawn Mellor is the iconoclast, vandalizing idols worshiped at the altar of the silver screen and in the scriptures of the tabloids. In her coarsely painted canvases she defaces the images of celebrities and public figures with urgent marks of playful cruelty. In a new body of work showing at Galerie Gabriel Rolt Mellor focuses this trademark mockery onto film stills, conflating actresses with the characters they play, and positing both within a... [more]
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