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Bronx, New York
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modern, photography, digital

I have three separate bodies of work all dealing with different aspects of my reaction to time.  "Children-The Lost Years", deals with my own lost memories before the age of five years old. New studies in neuroscience suggest that in order for a child's brain to make room for new development, the memories before five years old are put into a compartment that we don't have access to...yet.

"Ruins" explores what I imagine the pain and disappointments that I've experienced would look like on a cellular level.  I believe, each hurt, from our childhood on up, burrows into our perfect selves, and takes it's toll over a lifetime. When I look in the mirror as I'm aging, the cellular pains seem to be coming to the surface more now than ever.

"The L.A. Streets" have to do with other people's lives in the here and now. It's a way for me to take the focus off of myself.

I was born in the Bronx, NY., moved 10 times in 3 states and finally settled in Los Angeles where I work with toddlers by day and create art by night. I've been shooting seriously since I left home when I was 18 and traveled around the U.S. living in a van for 5 months and honing my craft via slides and film. Now a digital photographer I love what digital has to offer. I worked behind the scenes in L.A. TV news production for 20 years where I won the LA Press Association award for continuity. In the late 80’s I was a contributor to the LA Reader and shot over 25 stories. I also spent ten years singing in local dance/swing bands until her creative focus changed direction back to photography. I came in first place in the 2013 International Women in Photography Competition juried by Daniel Miller of Duncan Miller Gallery in Bergamot Station.
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