Adrian Van Allen

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Hooke + Homunculus, 2008 Electronics, Custom Clothing 18" X 50" X 18" © Adrian Van Allen
Quick Facts
Lives in
Oakland, CA
Works in
San Francisco, CA
Sarah Lawrence College, 1997, BA
Cornell University, 1996, -
California College of the Arts
Representing galleries
Exploratorium, Southern Exposure
Multimedia, interactive, museum, exhibits, taxidermy, Natural, History, of, science, Art&Technology, mixed-media, installation, museum-professional, digital, conceptual, sculpture

Adrian Van Allen is a multimedia artist, writer, and designer. She creates multimedia exhibits and web sites for the Exploratorium Museum, NASA, the Smithsonian, The Department of Archaeology at UC Berkeley, and writes the Post Martha column for ReadyMade magazine.

Van Allen's art work engages the history of science, emerging technology and taxonomy through installations, interactive media art, video, scale models, artist books, drawings, photographs, and transgenic taxidermy.

She holds dual master’s degrees from California College of Art in multimedia and photography, and a bachelor’s degree in cognitive science from Sarah Lawrence College. She has created site-specific installations for Genetic Savings and Clone, The Exploratorium, and Southern Exposure Gallery. Her web-based art, videos and CD-ROMs have shown internationally at such venues as The North-by-Northwest Media Festival in Liverpool, UK, The Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, Cantor Center for the Arts at Stanford University, and the Public Netbase Media Center in Vienna, Austria. She has received two Webbys, a Golden Muse award, and has received grants from The Film Arts Foundation, New Langton Arts, and Women's Studio Workshop. She has been an artist-in–residence at the Kala Art Institute, at the Headlands Center for the Arts, and at the Djerassi Foundation. Her work has been featured at SIGGRAPH, Museums on the Web, and is included in the ArtBase. She lives in Oakland, California with Pepper (from WonderDog Rescue), and her partner Michael Zbyszynski.