Jill Daniels

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  Jill DanielsPainting   Lives and works in: CaliforniaWebsite: https://jill-daniels.squarespace.comTo purchase contact: Jill Daniels     Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, Jill Daniels has been drawing and painting from an early age. At age eighteen Daniels moved to Southern California to attend art college and begin her formal artistic disciplines. She received a BFA in Fine Art from Pepperdine University. To gain an international perspective on the art scene, Jill lived and studied art... [more]
(Image: Jill Daniels,  ,  2010, acrylic on canvas, 30" by 40" ; © Jill Daniels)   Jill Daniels (b. Fairbanks, Alaska) About her work The Domestic Collection:The Object As An Utopian Proposal - "I speak through solitary pieces of furniture to communicate ideas about my past life and future aspirations.  My acrylic paintings of chairs, ottomans, beds and lounging sofas hint At the kind of symbolism found in a world where the unexplained is governed by supernatural rules." Born in Fairbanks,... [more]