Jon Lybrook

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Cloudscape #1 by Jon Lybrook, 2002 Inkjet Print Variable © Jon Lybrook 2002
Encapsulated Freedom, 2002 Inkjet Print Variable © 2002 Jon Lybrook
Fire Iris, 2002 Inkjet Print Variable © Jon Lybrook 2002
Changing States, 2002 Inkjet Print Variable © 2002 Jon Lybrook
World in Amber, 2002 Inkjet Print Variable © 2002 Jon Lybrook
Egyptian Sandstorm, 2002 Inkjet Print Variable © 2002 Jon Lybrook
Continent Adrift, 2002 Inkjet Print Variable © 2002 Jon Lybrook
Collateral Damage Unto Gaia, 2002 Inkjet Print Variable © 2002 Jon Lybrook
Snap Dragon Tie Dye, 2002 Ink Variable © 2002 Jon Lybrook
Untitled #09-01, 2012 Inkjet From Luminogram 24 X 30" © Jon Lybrook 2012
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Bard College, 1989, B.A. Film
Vineland High School, 1985, Photography
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Jon Lybrook luminogram abstract mixed-media, chemigram, surrealism painting, mixed-media video-art, modern, photography

Jon Lybrook makes visual art by combining traditional and experimental processes in photography, printmaking and painting in order to explore the boundaries of a given medium.  His work is done by painting on light-sensitive film with photochemistry and resists.  It is, in a sense, cameraless photography and can be defined by the terms 'chemigram' and 'luminogram'.  See for more technical information about Jon Lybrook's printmaking procedures.

"I did alot of small films and post production experiments on 16mm film during college." Jon Lybrook. said.  "Most of them provided a host of challenges for me on a technical level and for my audience on another level.  Most people didn't care or get what I was doing, and still don't.  The reason I make art is to participate in and observe the act of making something unusual, yet something out of nature.  Much of my work looks like natural processes found in nature, both on the micro and macro level.  Distinguishing whether what you're looking at might be seen through a microscope or telescope is left to the imagination."

"Once completed, it's all about production, framing and presentation, which is not so interesting to me, but necessary.  I spend alot of time making the presentations as significant as the pieces themselves." 

Lybrook's website showcases his work and describes the different disciplines involved in its production.  He may be contacted by emailing him at jonlybrook -a t- jonlybrook dot com.

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