Krish Sengupta

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My Odalisque Oil On Canvas/ 10"X20" / Not For Sale
Ballerina Oil On Canvas/ 30"X40"/ Open To Offer
Lady in White Oil On Canvas/ 16"X20"/ Open To Offer
The Maid Oil On Canvas/ 16"X20"/ In Pvt Collection
Music Series 1,2 & 3 Oil On Canvas/ 11"X14"/ Open To Offer
Colors 2008 Oil On Canvas/ 8" X 10"/ Sold
End of a Long Day Oil On Canvas/ 10" X 20"/ In Pvt Collection
Swamp Sunset Oil On Canvas/ 18" X 24"/ In Pvt Collection
The Look Oil On Canvas/ 16" X 20"/ Open To Offer
Old & White Oil On Canvas/ 16" X 20"/ Open To Offer
At The Renaissance Art Workshop Show 2015
'Spirit of the House - The Rebel' Oil On Canvas / 18"X24"/ Open To Offer
Bed TIme Oil On Wood/ 10" X 10"/ In Pvt Collection
Liberation Oil On Canvas / 30"X40" / Open To Offer
Hay Oil On Canvas/ 18" X 24"/ Open To Offer
Music Series 1 Oil On Canvas/ 11" X 14"/ Open To Offer
Brushes Oil On Canvas/ 10" X 10"/ Not For Sale
'Spirit of the Horse - Release' Oil On Canvas / 30"X40" / Open To Offer
Portrait of a House Oil On Canvas/ 10" X 30"/ Not For Sale
Singer Oil On Canvas/11"X14"/ In Pvt Collection
Determination Oil On Canvas/ 18"X24"/ Not For Sale
"Spirit of the Horse - Angel" Oil On Canvas / 20"X20" / Sold
Solo Exhibition At Tom Robinson's Gallery Chicago 2013
'Spirit of the Horse - Princess' Oil On Canvas/ 18" X 24"/ Open To Offer
Monochrome Nude # 7 Oil On Canvas Board / 16"X20" / Open To Offer
Paris in Distress Oil On Canvas / 24"X28" / Open To Offer
Monochrome Nude # 4 Oil On Canvas Board / 16"X20" / Open To Offer
Music Series 2 Oil On Canvas/ 11"X14"/ Open To Offer
Bedroom Moments Oil On Canvas/ 10" X 20"/ Sold
Lonely Lane Oil On Canvas / 18"X24"/ Open To Offer
Waves of Music Oil On Canvas / 18"X24"/ Open To Offer
'Spirit of the Horse - The Czar' Oil On Canvas/ 22"X28"/ Open To Offer
Music Series Oil On Canvas/ 11"X14"/ Open To Offer
'Spirit of the Horse - Freedom' Oil On Canvas / 30"X40"/ Open To Offer
Faces Print On Matt Paper/ 18"X18"/ Open To Offer
Solo Show At Tom Robinson Gallery 2013
Sax Oil On Canvas/ 11"X14"/ Open To Offer
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New York
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New York
Artist, Art Lover, Art Photographer

Artist Statement -


“ To me, art is an expression of joy - sometimes an interpretation of reality and sometimes a random dive into the unknown “


My work is realistic, exuberant, and tries to capture the form & poise of the moment. I mainly dwell upon figurative art, swinging between oils on canvas, charcoal on paper and occasionally acrylic & mixed media. I am inspired by the shape, colors and values that I see to create my art and am very drawn to lights and shadows in extremes. My style is realistic with shades of impressionism and sometimes even the look of rough unfinished sketches. I am fond of large bold brush strokes, texture and artistic play with the background. In the end I hope to convey to the viewer the moods and motions of that moment – with its energy, grace and visual appeal. Of course, I must add that – I am still trying to find my personal / signature style and until I get there, everything that I create is an experiment.


Art is my serious passion and at best a hobby at the moment, on the side of my main professional career. I am deeply grateful that I am able to pursue and balance both these priorities in my life.

I arrived in USA (Chicago) in the summer of 2009 and it was only in early 2010 that I ‘resumed’ this ‘hobby’ of painting, after a break of almost 15 years. Born and raised in Calcutta, India and, except for a few childhood years, I did not have any formal art training. Largely self taught, drawing and painting has always been a singular artistic passion. First in Chicago and then in New York / New Jersey I am part of various professional and amateur art groups. I regularly attend / attended workshops at the studios of Layne Jackson, Tom Robinson ( in Chicago) and Joe Velez, Raul Sebasco ( in New York ) – all of them eminent American artists. Besides these workshops, I work mostly in my home studio ( you will find a picture amongst the many images on the portal )


So far, I have participated in many art shows in New York & Chicago - list below. Most notably, the Tom Robinson gallery hosted my solo exhibition in Chicago in Feb 2013.  And the National Arts Club selected my work for 2 years in succession (2015 & 2016) for the prestigious juried annual in New York City.




Recent Shows & Exhibitions in USA :


  • Drawing Attention II, Chicago – June 2011
  • Full Spectrum Art Show, Chicago – June 2011
  • Drawing Attention III, Chicago – June 2012
  • Naked July Art Show, Chicago – July 2012
  • Art & Friends, Solo Art Show, Chicago – Feb 2013
  • Drawing Attention IV, Chicago – June 2013
  • Renaissance Workshop Art Show, New York – June 2014 & 2015
  • New York National Arts Club Annual Show – March 2015 & March 2016
  • Artists Open Studio Show ( Monroe Arts Center, Hoboken ) – Feb 2016