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The Artist Studio

Attn: Art-Collectors & Galleries-Owners:You have an open invitation for a studio visit, just give me a call.773-538-0910 I am located in, BRONZEVILLE, Chicago Illinois. Sincerely.Curtis Kojo Morrow [more]
Posted by Curtis Morrow on 9/11/13

The Future Of Books.

My latest interest is in the future of book presentation and marketing; Kindle Books of which I have just published:Abo-Atia: (an African picture folktale)'ve also  republishes 1st bookas a Kindle E-book: think, no more publishers, no more agency.  Ahaaaaaa, Thank you Creators. . & Right on, [more]
Posted by Curtis Morrow on 3/11/12

Its Who You Know

Art acceptance, is more about who you know, then the work. Also its  value is determined by what the buyer paid for it?Case in point, supposing a millionaire purchase a painting from an artist like myself, Hey! they'll be an overnight  success story, even though they might’ve  been earning a living as an artist for over 40 years. [more]
Posted by Curtis Morrow on 2/28/12

The Value Of Art(?)

The Value Of Art(?) Is it a value the beholder places on it or the artist value’s? Frankly I could care less, since the love affair I have with any work of art I've created end when the work was finished. Also a work of art should tell its own story. Thus there is a saying, "a picture is worth a thousand-words." So the question is;  Is a painting, or Work of Art,  worth a thousand-words? [more]
Posted by Curtis Morrow on 11/26/11

My Sankofa "Odyssey)" of the Artist.

This video interview is the  ten questions put to me by a group of aspiring art-students, during a recent interview as to what inspired me to be an artist and memoir-writer. Their ten questions started with my military experiences as a  Buffalo Soldiers, during the Korean War (1950/51) in which I served as a combat infantryman in the U. S. Army's last all Black Combat Unit, the 24th Infantry Regiment Combat Team, of the 25th Infantry Division. Part One; of video... [more]
Posted by Curtis Morrow on 4/28/11