Ingri Haraldsen

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These word are whiped out drawings Drawing And Erasing In Book Mounted In Wood 37,7 X 24,5 X 20 Cm © Ingri Haraldsen
Crawling into Cave Limited © Ingri Haraldsen
Cave Limited Charcoal On Paper 150 X 352 Cm © Ingri Haraldsen
Dei Andre © Ingri Haraldsen
Do I Feel Endless nights, 2013 Pencil On Paper 63 X 82,5 Cm © Ingri Haraldsen
Easy is the decent into Avernus , 2013 Pencil On Paper With Wood And Glass 61 X 43 X 9,2 Cm © Ingri Haraldsen
Kataklsymeg © Ingri Haraldsen
Kataklysmeg book & sculpture © Ingri Haraldsen
Kataklysmeg book on glass © Ingri Haraldsen
Kataklysmeg forsteinet treverk © Ingri Haraldsen
Kataklysmeg overview © Ingri Haraldsen
Kataklysmeg © Ingri Haraldsen
Kataklysmeg cropped © Ingri Haraldsen
Kataklysmeg Quarts crystal © Ingri Haraldsen
Surface Acrylic On Driftwood 7 X 27 Cm © Ingri Haraldsen
Turbidity © Ingri Haraldsen
White, from White and Black , 2013 Wood, Glass And Pencil On Paper 43,7 X 38 X 22,4 Cm © Ingri Haraldsen
Black, from White and Black , 2013 Wood, Glass And Pencil On Paper 43,7 X 38 X 22,4 Cm © Ingri Haraldsen
White and Black , 2013 Wood, Glass And Pencil On Paper 43,7 X 38 X 22,4 Cm © Ingri Haraldsen
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Oslo, Norway
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Oslo, Norway
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ArtEco Gallery

My work is mainly based on combinations of found materials, focused on technique, composition and detail. Much of my time goes to visual studies, the collection of images and experimenting with the mixture and the composition of them. I use a kind of collage technique where I tie the various elements together seamlessly using drawing. Blurring the boundaries between the found and new images often gives the work a slightly absurd and poetic quality.



2009-10 Universidad del País Vasco(The University of the Basque Country), Bilbao, Spain (exchangestudent)

2007-10 Bachelor in Art and Design at the University College of Oslo

Solo/duo exhibitions:

2013  Book publication and exhibition with Lisa Cranner, NoPlace, Oslo

2013  Krater, duo exhibitin with Petter Buhagen, Kurant visningsrom, Tromsø

2012  Mental Istid, duo exhibition with Petter Buhagen, Babel Art Space, Trondheim

2012  Face/No Face, duo exhibition with Petter Buhagen, One Night Only, Oslo

2011  Tell me what to swallow, Galleri Blunk, Trondheim

2010  Maa, Globaliseringskonferansen (globalization conference), Oslo

Group exhibitions:

2013  The Empty City, Kronika Museum, Bytom, Polen

2013  Høstutstillingen, Statens 126. Kunstutstilling, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

          (The National Art Exhibition)

2013  Den 37. Trøndelagsutstillingen,

          (The 37th annual Exhibition in trøndelag) TSSK, Trondheim

2013  HOST, Gruppeutstilling, ArtEco Gallery, London

2013  Tiny scale studio, initiated by Oslo Open, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

2013  Den 67. Nordnorske Kunstutstilling; Nordland,

          (the 67th annual exhibition in Nordland)

2012  Den 36. Trøndelagsutstillingen, TSSK, Trondheim

          (The annual exhibition in Trøndelag)

2012  Visitt, Prosjektrom Normanns, Stavanger

2012  No Comment, The Armory Show, with NoPlace, New York

2011  Calma Maria Magdalena, NoPlace, Los Angeles

2011  November, Galleri Festiviteten, Eidsvoll

2011  Young Art for a good cause, Oslo

2011  Høstutstillingen (National Art Exhibition in Norway), Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

2011  Looking up!, Galleri Grafill, Oslo

2011  Sink or Swim, Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco

2011  A4, Das Gift, Berlin

2011  Den 65. Nordnorske Kunstutstilling (The 64th annual Exhibition of Nordland)

2010  HYPHEN, Galleri Lemniscate, Toulouse, France

2010  3 Generasjoner, Gàlivarre Kunstforbund, (Gàlivarre art Association),Sweden

2010  3 Generasjoner, ÁRRAN-julevsáme guovdásj/lulesamisk senter

2010  Still growing, The Petter Dass Museum, Alstahaug

2009  Utstilling, Alstahaug Kunstforening

Upcoming Exhibitions:

2013 En kollektiv kraftanstrengelse for tapte saker, group exhibition, Podium, curated    by Ottar Karlsen & Ida Følling

2013 Group exhibition, Rana Kunstforening

2014 Turbidity, duo exhibition with Petter Buhagen, TM51, Oslo

2014 Koma, solo exhibition, Galleri Oxholm, København


2013  Rana Kommune (Rana Commune)

2010-13  Private collection, Oslo, Trondheim, San Francisco, Copenhagen, Toulouse

2010  Árran -Lulesamisk senter (Lule scenter in Árran)

2009  Alstahaug Folkebibliotek (Alstahaug, Public Library)


2013  Krater, zine for the exhibition Krater

2012  Mental istid, zine for the exhibition Mental istid

2012  Preface, zine for the exhibition Face / NoFace

2009  Usett, zine No.1, magazine


2013 Workshop at Astrup Fearnley

2011 Comission, Minou, Oslo

2010 Drawing performance, Oslo 

2010 Festival artist at the annual beer and food festival, Oslo


2013One year scholarship, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (BKV Grant)

2013 Exhibition grant, The Norwegian Art Council

2012 One year scholarship, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (BKV Grant)

2012 Exhibition grant, The Norwegian Art Council

2012 Norsk Illustrasjonsfond, (The Norwegian Illustration grant)

2011 Exhibition grant, The Norwegian Art Council

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