Rula Kaliroi

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'Odilia Seize the Purple' mural, 2006-10 Acrylic 8'x10' Ft © Kaliroi
'Floating Amidst Entanglements' - Leucadia CA Oil On Canvas 48"X 65"Inches © Kaliroi
'Downtown LA' Acrylic On Canvas © Kaliroi
"Kaliroi" - namesake piece, 2011 Oil Pastel On Paper 24"X 30"Inches © Kaliroi
Indigo Linescape Color Pencil On Paper © Kaliroi
'Journey of The Alchemical Heart', 2005 Conte On Cardboard 46"X 54" Inches © Kaliroi
The Fallen , 2007 Acrylic On Masonite © Kaliroi
LadyOctopie , 2006 Acrylic And Oil On Masonite 48"X52" Inches
'The Myth of Daphne & Appollo (mural)' - British Colombia, 2005 Acrylic Paint And Gold Leaf 6ft X 10ft Restaurant Interior © Kaliroi
(Fallen) Angel Hair , 2005 Acrylic Paint Mural Bedroom Interior Approx. 6 X 8 Ft
Caterpillar Corner (childrens bedroom mural), 2003 Acrylic © Kaliroi
ZipSlashSwAcK!, 2008 Oil And Acrylic Paint On Canvas
'Monster Octopie' mural interior, 2004 'Freaks' vintage t-shirt boutique Downtown LA Acrylic © LadyOctopie
LadyOctopie Flying Heart Kisses , 2004 Pencil And Ink On Metal Dumpster © Zzsatso? Kaliroi
The Mauve Tentacular Oil On Canvas © Kaliroi
Eye Tentacles, 2005 Pencil On Paper 18x22 Inches
Hobart Building Ceiling Lobby Oil And Acrylic, Gold Foil On Wall © Kaliroi
Hobart Building Interior Oil And Acrylic On Wall
Balancing Act Between Boobs and the Sadness of True Love Color Pencil On Paper
Kali Flies Thru the Night..., 2011 Marker And Chalk On Colored Paper 48" X 53" Inches © Kaliroi
Indigo Innards, 2010 Oil And Acrylic Paint On Canvas
(Resolved) Fossilized Confusion of a Ladyoctopie 5000AD., 2010 Oil And Acrylic On Canvas 44"X36"Inches © Kaliroi
Resolved Fossilized Confusion of a LadyOctopie 5000 AD Oil And Acrylic On Canvas © Kaliroi
Under the Bridge Downtown (Tentacular version), 2009 Acrylic On Canvas
Building Bridge over a Dead End -the Emergence of LadyOctopie, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas © Kaliroi
Beneath the Surface, 2008 Pencil, Marker, Ink On Paper
DreamBreather, 2007 Pencil On Paper 22"X18"Inches
LUST (Deadly Sins series) Charcoal , Conte On Paper Mounted On Satin
WRATH (Deadly Sins series) Charcoal On Paper Mounted On Satin
La Conche Orgasmique, 1998 Pencil On Paper, Custom Welded Frame
One line Meets the Other Pencil,Conte,Charcoal On Paper. Paint On Glass. Custom Welded Frame.
Chocolate Girl swirl Landscape, 1997 Chalk Pastel On Paper
Indigo Nude Color Pencil On Paper
'Peering into The Universal Nipple', 1999 Photography / Mural / Bodypaint © Kaliroi
The Merry Widow's Poison Elixir, 1998 Halloween Window display Window Display , Fabric, Foam Core,Acrylic Paint,Gold Foil,Fabric © Kaliroi
Lingerie Angel, 1998 Valentines Day display Window Display, Fabric, Glitter, Glass Stones,Angel Wings,Wrapping Paper © Kaliroi
Mimi LaTriste, 1997 Spring display Paint,Wire,Vynil Cut Outs © Kaliroi
Marilyn Muerte, 1997 Halloween Window Display Window Display © Kaliroi
Christmas Queen, 1997 Christmas display Christmas Decorations,Glitter © Kaliroi
The MoneyWhore Window Display © Kaliroi
'Sun & Moon in Leo' - Bedroom mural Oil 8' X10' Ft © Kaliroi
'Mimi c'est Embrouiller' Mural Interior Of Lingerie Boutique Acrylic On Wall 14' X10' Ft © Kaliroi
Playmates Interior - refurbished dressing rooms, signage, custom curtains,display, ceiling mural. Multi Mediums © Kaliroi
Art Director / Performer - 'Supreme Power Geisha' Photography / Performance © Kaliroi
'DreamTube' - Prop interior for music video Acrylic Paint 33' X 12' Ft Across © Kaliroi
Art Director / Brand designer - Holy Sinner Photography / Design © Kaliroi
Art Director / Brand Designer - Holy Sinner Photography / Design © Kaliroi
Art Director / RAW (Ready and Willing Sportswear) Photography / Design
'Goddess Resurrection' - Public Mural, 1992 Acrylic On Wood Board 12' X 30' Ft © Kaliroi
Ecocide' t-shirt design for 'Tricolore, 1989 Color Copy Collage © Kaliroi
Skinless Self Portrait 1, 1987 (first painting on canvas) Oil On Canvas © kaliroi
Quick Facts
Montreal, Canada
Lives in
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Dawson College, Montreal Canada, 1987, Illustration & Design
Rocamora School, 1998, Personal Journey
abstract expressionist surrealist . Muse installation painting, performance artist, self portrait, poetry, Life as Art, mural, mythological, psychological, with hints of surrealism, abstract expressionism performance surrealism, lyrical photography, figurative, performance, conceptual, landscape, surrealism, photography, exhibition/performance, design

Commercial and fine artist  working in various fields while continuously exhibiting and performing. Painter, poet, performance artist, and designer encompass this multi disciplinary concept artist. Accomplished muralist, Art Director, photographer, graphics brand designer, custom cutting edge painter and restorer, window display artist, stylist and videographer. 

The drawings are linescapes, a playing field in line and form which inadvertently questions what is positive and negative space. This is a reflection of the artists mystical investigations in non-duality. Line creates form here rather than the other way around and the horizon axis format is lost in favor of an immersion into the visual presented.

There is no ego separate from the work viewing it. It is like a landscape one is standing in, an outgrowth. Energy and movement guide the lines to grow organically similar to nature and present puzzles completed thru an understanding of composition, balance, architecture and form. They are an abstract dialogue often expressing the unveiling of layers and their growth. They are self perpetuating and completely functional within their own resolved context. To the artist, after completion, act as a symbolic translation of current surrounding energies and a reflection of her response to those energies.

The paintings are dreamscapes. They are also mostly presented in a non linear format for the viewer to enter into. Like dreams full of visual metaphor often seemingly jumbled together but in fact displaying a mythical psychology. The artist exteriorizes her inner world in this language also very much in response to her outer environment. Notice the subtle style changes as the environment inhabited changes. The content is also very affected by direct environment and people hence the moniker LadyOctopie. Absorbing and reflecting energies and style in the form of artworks or 'ink'.


"In its highest form, Art is a vocation. I believe in maintaining standards in order to surpass them. With devotion it can take on mystical proportions serving as a form of personal alchemy that extends itself to the world.

Art leads culture. I feel it is one of my goals and purpose to uphold the standards of quality, both in work and life while maintaining an understanding of the art world. Recognizing true uniqueness and talent thru actual diligent practice and exploration as well as the place of 'ignorant' art, popular art and everything in between."


Solo Exhibitions 

2009     'The Dark Side of Love' - Paintings / Poetry past works - Freedom Gallery,                               Downtown LA              

1999     'Sex & the Aether' - Drawings, Paintings,Performance - Gallery B-12, Hollywood,                     CA.

1998     'Beauty & the Beast' - Painting and Performance - WOMB Studios, Hollywood, CA


Group Exhibition  

2016     'A Group Show' @ Oddville - 'Marilyn Behind the Mask' - a Punk Warholian Portait of              Marilyn Monroe. Acrylic spray paint, and Chanel lipstick on board. framed.

2015     Hollywood Babylon @ Rick Millers SURF ART Gallery Hollywood CA.

2014     Dark Nights @ LA LIVE - performed live improvisational painting completed within              a public 6hr venue outdoors by Staples center Downtown LA. CA.

2012    Autumn Lights - Enlarged Lightbox painting- Art Squared Gallery Downtown LA.                   CA.

2010     Artist District Artwalk - Paintings  ARTSHARE & BARKER BLOCK Downtown                  LA, CA.

             Group Exhibit Paintings and Drawings - 410 Boyd St.  Downtown LA, CA.

             'Speak Your Peace' / SYRUP Art & Performance Space- Downtown LA, CA

2008     'Small Wonders lll' - group benefit art show / Pharmaka Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

2007     'Spirited Woman - Meet the Downtown Artists' / The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

              'Urban Woman Experience' / Crash Mansion, Los Angeles, CA.

2006     'LA Ethos' / Pharmaka Gallery, Downtown LA. CA.

2005      Local Artists Artshow / Gibsons Community Center,  British Colombia, Canada

2004     'Hardcore-Softcore' / Asto Gallery, Downtown LA. CA.

2002     'She' - Paintings/Drawings/Performance - Zone Gallery, Los Angeles CA.

1997     Multi Media - Photography -  Spring Street Gallery, Los Angeles CA.

1996     LA Dada Fest - Painting- Downtown Los Angeles CA .

1995     Vulvavision - Drawings - The Leslie-Lohman Gallery, New York, NY.

1994     Hardcore Underground - Painting Performance w/live Band - Jim the Cat Studios,

              Downtown LA, CA.



2013     'Oceanic Womb Sky'  Guestroom / Maui Hawaii

2010     'Odilia Seize the Purple'  Studio mural / Downtown Los Angeles

2006     'Angel Hair' Room   Vancouver, British Colombia

2005     'Daphne & Apollo' / Daphne's, Greek restaurant, Sechelt, British Colombia, Canada

2004     'Monster Lady Octopie' / Freaks, vintage t shirt Boutique, Los Angeles, CA

2003     'Goddess Octopie' / Beach House Café, Gibsons, British Colombia, Canada

2002      'Dreamscape'  Childrens Room - Gibsons, British Colombia.

2001     'Golden Fruit' / Hobart Building, Los Angeles, CA

2000     'The Goddess is Coming Oceans' - Street tag / Brooklyn NY.

1998     'Helioctopus' / Corinthe, Greece

1997     'Capricornus Evaporatus' / Los Angeles, CA

1996     'Firehorse' Bedroom / Hollywood CA.

1995     'Mimi c'est Embrouiller' / Playmates of Hollywood, lingerie store, Los Angeles, CA

1994     'Sun & Moon in Leo' / Los Angeles, CA

1993     'Goddess w/Chimaera' / Hollywood CA.

1992     'Goddess Resurrection' / Los Angeles, CA

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