Christina Richards

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Seventeen Evergreen, Music is the Wine EP (album cover), 2007 Album Cover 12 X 12 Inches © Souther Salazar, Seventeen Evergreen
Guitarmen Norm © Pete Fowler
Dancando Conforma Musica, 2007
Graffiti Tag Spray Paint
Lee Miller Photograph © Man Ray
© Mark Gonzales
Merriweather Post Pavilion, 2009
Street Horrrsing (album art)
The Universe Smiles, 2008
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Lives in
San Francisco
Works in
San Francisco, Emeryville
concert, mixed-media, video-art, performance


My name is Christina. I grew up underneath the shade of the evergreens. When the rain fell, it fell on my brow, my eyes, and my body. When the snow fluttered down, it rested on my lashes. When the river flowed down toward the valley, I swam with it. I ripened there, from a curious child to a curious young adult, and then it was time to leave.

Now, I am nestled in a home in the urban forest. The pine trees have turned in to towering concrete structures which scrape the sky. The pine cones are now fat pigeons scarfing half-eaten, discarded hot dog buns out of the gutter. Here, the river is that of hundreds of people scurrying about their daily lives.

Coming from a small town, this city has opened my eyes to the wonders of different cultures. Art and music are copius in such environments, and character is not in short supply. Learning to cope with the change has transformed me into a self-reliant, passionate, creative seeker. Seeking as much new knowledge and enriching experience as I can afford.

The age we now live in is that of information. The internet makes this knowledge accessable with the click of a button. Communication spans all over the globe with the greatest of ease. I found a curatorial job that utilizes this new frontier. I curate music. So much is visual on the web, that music has come to be the same way. You don't just get to listen to a song, you get a website which has photos, designed mp3 players, et cetera. I use this visual form to create connections between music through-out history. I can connect Talking Heads with David Byrne, Brian Eno, Tom Tom Club, The Modern Lovers, Fela Kuti, and other influcences to chart history in a playlist. I can create visual, promotional tools for bands to promote themselves, and I interact with a biommetic algorithm. This is only the beginning.

I love to create, and be around creation. Imagination is vital- without it, life would be just grey.