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Paris Dispatches: Epilogue for a Two-Month Flânerie

Georgia Fee Summer 2015 Residency Session is now accepting applications. You can find more information about the residency and how to apply here.    Suddenly I am back in Brooklyn. After an exhausting arrival (much weighed down by the addition of a cheap duffel bag filled with flotsam and jetsam—how did that get through customs?) I woke to a white-out snowstorm. I returned to Armory Week, daylight-savings weekend, and the eve of the full moon in Virgo. I have stockmarket tips from my... [more]
Posted by Brett Day Windham on 3/11/15

Paris Dispatches: The Day of the Markets / Bon Dimanche

Georgia Fee Summer 2015 Residency Session is now accepting applications. You can find more information about the residency and how to apply here.      Le Journal d'un Seul Jour —For Allison— “What strange phenomena we find in a great city, all we need do is stroll about with our eyes open. Life swarms with innocent monsters.” ―Charles Baudelaire   I see the sun spots reflected on my courtyard walls. It rained like crazy yesterday and now there's a sun and bluebird skies. I shake... [more]
Posted by Brett Day Windham on 2/27/15

Paris Dispatches: Flâneur, Finally

Georgia Fee Summer 2015 Residency Session is now accepting applications. You can find more information about the residency and how to apply here.  Front and Back Covers for Physiology of the Flâneur, Louis Huart, 1841 Source:, National Library of France   Describing The Flâneur (as I have been asked repeatedly to do throughout my project, and rightfully so) is a complex proposal. Now, nearing the end of my residency, after all my exploring and reading and trying to... [more]
Posted by Brett Day Windham on 2/24/15

Paris Dispatches: A Week of Reckoning

  I promised that this post would address more deeply the meaning of the flâneur, and my coming to terms with that idea... but I am breaking that promise. I am not ready yet. Two weeks remain. There is so much that happens during the course of each walk, each day—let alone each week. Injuries, excitement, illnesses, minute discoveries, museums, visitors, sleepless nights, fancy dinners, no dinners, metro tickets—all piling up. There is so much that has changed, shifted from my original... [more]
Posted by Brett Day Windham on 2/19/15

Paris Dispatches: Ad Hoc and On The Ball, or Intermittent Mittens

  “...People complaining my letters not describing streets. As they used to. Clothes. Facades. In every little detail. I being increasingly caught up. In rhythm of trajectory.” —Gail Scott, My Paris   As I become a little more used to living in Paris, it is taking more effort to stay sharp. I rattle around in the wee hours in this charming old apartment, which I share with communes of mice and a nocturnal man upstairs. I am accustomed, a bit, to living in a half-spoken second... [more]
Posted by Brett Day Windham on 2/13/15

Paris Dispatches: Salad Days on the Canal Saint-Martin

  This week I explored the Canal Saint-Martin, on the east side of Paris, and all the way up to the northeastern periphery. On Tuesday, I headed for Comptoir Général at the suggestion of my friend Dino. I wandered the cavernous rooms; I leafed through boxes of antique photos of babies on fur rugs; I read about the hunt for a mysterious Congolese river monster/possible dinosaur (Mokélé-Mbembé); I checked out the vines hanging from the ceiling and the vintage movie posters hanging from the... [more]
Posted by Brett Day Windham on 2/9/15

Paris Dispatches: Fashion Adjacent

  Fashion week may be over, but I live in the Marais, and it is chic, and the sales are still on. So, I had an opportunity to see some real dandies over the past ten days. Now I know what an actual flâneur looks like—and it’s not me. I exist only on the periphery of the sartorial goings-on. I did not loiter outside the shows, hoping to be photographed, or taking photos myself. My visit to only one showroom, my excessive lèche-vitrine, and my lack of focus-on-fashion have all crossed me... [more]
Posted by Brett Day Windham on 2/2/15

Paris Dispatches: The Week of Feathers

  When we came back to Paris it was clear and cold and lovely. The city had accommodated itself to winter, there was good wood for sale at the wood and coal place across our street, and there were braziers outside of many of the good cafes so that you could keep warm on the terraces. Our own apartment was warm and cheerful. We burned boulets which were molded, egg-shaped lumps of coal dust, on the wood fire, and on the streets the winter light was beautiful. Now you were accustomed to... [more]
Posted by Brett Day Windham on 1/30/15

Paris Dispatches: Three Weeks Walking, a Tally

      Today marks three weeks in Paris. So far I have found (among other things) reams of caution tape, bits of strapping, a pile of zippers, a tiny hand, Christmas tree bows, a tassel, a lighter, a button with an emblem of a Roman horse, a lollipop, a photograph of a girl with a sweet note to her father on the back, champagne cork-wire, Nous Sommes Charlie stickers, an earring, perfumed cards, a neon palm tree drink stirrer, various feathers, various new year’s confetti, various... [more]
Posted by Brett Day Windham on 1/26/15

Paris Dispatches: Merci, Georgia

      We are not idealized wild things. We are imperfect mortal beings, aware of that mortality even as we push it away, failed by our very complication, so wired that when we mourn our losses we also mourn, for better or for worse, ourselves. As we were. As we are no longer. As we will one day not be at all. ―Joan Didion, The Year of Magical Thinking     Today I walked to Père Lachaise. I took a weird unfriendly road that looked like a suburban truck route. It was a sad,... [more]
Posted by Brett Day Windham on 1/22/15

Paris Dispatches: The Streets Are Lined with Dreams of Sonia

    PART I: Paris is rather empty / Still I walk on / La grippe Two photo-collages from my first week of Paris sidewalks   Paris is empty, and people are still scared. This is what every shopgirl and taxi driver and doctor I’ve seen assures me. While I am pleased that Charlie Hebdo’s new issue sold out in hours, I am also pleased that there are some thoughtful articles being written like this one, considering the moment when crude cultural caricatures could actually reflect an old... [more]
Posted by Brett Day Windham on 1/19/15

Paris Dispatches: Anticipating Arrival | A Residency Reading List

  As I prepared to embark on my two month winter exploration of Paris, I began organizing my thoughts, my books, my suitcase. I made lists, as one does: reading lists, lists of places to walk to, lists of people to walk with, lists of bakeries to haunt, and the types of supplies I’ll need. Walking shoes, cameras, wire cutters, watercolors, notebooks, layers and layers of black. Friends have been sending me incredible lists of suggested walks, favorite cafés, books to read, and places to... [more]
Posted by Brett Day Windham on 1/12/15

Paris Dispatches: Tous Charlie | An Artist's Walk Meets a City's March

  Six days ago, I was anxious about leaving New York, hoping I was prepared for my adventure, and double checking my packing list. I had no idea that my first day in Paris would bring the Charlie Hebdo attacks, or that for the next week I would be surrounded by uncertainty, terrorism, murder, and some intense political grandstanding. I have been smack in the middle of things here in Paris. I keep criss-crossing around and through emergencies on my daily walks. On Tuesday I was innocent of... [more]
Posted by Brett Day Windham on 1/12/15

Paris Dispatches: Introducing ArtSlant's Georgia Fee Artist in Residence Brett Day Windham

  Cypher (Sunset Park), 2014, One month of accumulated objects from South Brooklyn, 12 x 12 feet   For the Georgia Fee/ArtSlant Winter Residency, I have proposed a series of daily walks through Paris. Some walks are solitary. Other walks are collaborative, a duet that includes another artist, writer, musician, or critic. Found objects are collected while walking (the objects can be any discarded thing that catches the eye, like beachcombing in the city). These totems are saved; their... [more]
Posted by Brett Day Windham on 1/8/15
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