Kate Beck

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KATE BECK at Pelavin by Steven Alexander

Kate Beck, Anxieties & Alienations, 2010, 89 x 184 inches, poured oil, enamel & powdered graphite on 5 aluminum panels Kate Beck is showing a beautiful group of exquisite works at Pelavin Gallery in Tribeca (through December 11). The exhibition is entirely black and white and gray -- and is spot on in its focus and intensity. Using a combination of powdered graphite, oil paint and enamel, the paintings are made by pouring straight lines from the top of the panels with... [more]
Posted by Kate Beck on 1/4/11

SURFACE TENSION :: Kate Beck + Deborah Wing-Sproul

  A drawing performance by Deborah Wing-Sproul accompanying Kate Beck's solo                                                                                exhibition, Conditions of Existence. Deborah Wing-Sproul's Surface Tension with my painting, Anxieties + Alienations on Surface Tension: "I’m interested in sustained, repeated and incremental movements. I’m also interested in stillness. These aspects of restrained movement engage me in terms of physical gesture,... [more]
Posted by Kate Beck on 1/4/11