Marcus Sterling

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nude study and still life , 2012 Acrylic On Canvas 36 X 42 X 1 Inches © MSA ART 2012
Heart Pinball, 2012 Acrylic On Canvas 56 X 41 X 1 Inches © Marcus Sterling Alleyne ART 2012
City of Gold IV, 2012 Heat Activated Fusion Of Silk, Gold/Silver Leaf On Ragboard 48 X 36 X 1 Inches © MSA ART 2012
City of Gold V, 2012 Heat Activated Fusion Of Silk, Gold/Silver Leaf On Ragboard 40 X 40 X 1 Inches © MSA ART 2012
bicycle sculpture, 2010 Sculpey Clay, Acrylic Paint 5.125 X 4 X 7.75 Inches © Marcus Sterling Alleyne ART
circle of life, 2004 Acrylic On Canvas 30 X 24 X 1 Inches © Marcus Sterling Alleyne ART
red country house, 2006 Oil On Cardboard 15.5 X 19.75 Inches © Marcus Sterling Alleyne ART
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Lives in
Chicago, Illinois
Works in
Downtown Chicago
American Academy of Art
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cityscape video-art, wordscape, framing mixed-media installation landscape, surrealism, modern, traditional, photography, digital, graffiti/street-art, figurative, conceptual, sculpture

"The LEAST you can do is to PURCHASE a piece of my work .... The MOST you can do is be INSPIRED and recognize your VALUE" -MSA ART


Exclusive Original Artwork

(sculpture, paintings, collage, murals and drawings)

from MSA ART:

Artists & Art enthusiasts around the globe have admired the drive and determination of this youthful artist...vibrant colors and a whimsy unlike any other, Marcus' art has been displayed, honored, and collected by the influential as well as first timers who have just recently been exposed to the magical transformation his art brings into existence. Share his journey through photographs, poetry, and illustrative projects in his pursuit of excellence in the art world.

"I love art. All types of art inspire me. From drawing and doodling, to painting and sculpture, I have always had a passion to create. I feel like art is a way to communicate to the present world without knowing its tongue. Art's inimitable fingerprint is left for future generations to examine and interpret. Art is a way to make a house feel more like a home. And to some people, art is a way of adding value to their standard of living.


A mixed media artist, Marcus explores the presence of the sacred in his everyday life as a primary source for inspiration and content of his paintings. His interest in art as a tool for social change has led him through the journey from free expression of urban art spray-painting to the innovative, creative, and unique visual presentations he now offers in his dynamic work. His art sensibilities bring a distinctive look to the variety of media he uses in creating his images. Growing up amidst the architectural richness that Chicago offers, Marcus has extended his acumen and repertoire in art through formal education, internships, and travel throughout the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean. Currently, his artwork is enjoyed by galleries, universities, and in the homes of private collectors.

-Dr. Angela Livingston


Permanent Collection

South Side Community Art Center

Perry Mansion Cultural Center

Daniel T. Parker Collection

Patric McCoy Collection

Leonard & Linda Murray Collection

Honorable Raymond W Ewell Collection

Enstrumental Drew Collection


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