Lisa Foster

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July Abstraction on Blue (cropped image), 2012 Reproduction Quilting Fabrics And Acrylic On Canvas. 48" Square
July Abstraction on Blue, 2012 Reproduction Quilting Fabrics And Acrylic On Canvas 48" Square
Quick Facts
fabrics mixed-media, craft materials, quilting fabrics, emerging, feminist, mixed-media, figurative

B. 1973 Massachusetts

I am making shapes on canvas, but my shapes are self portraits and my paints, reproduction quilting fabrics. I am using fabrics not to decorate but to make something solid like rubber, poured paint or steel. I do not consider my work collage. I like shaping space, like Sera, In my newer work the leg becomes the line rather than the line of the leg being the line. I want the shapes to exist without the human. I found my voice in my naked body; nudity is always political. I am a painter of the color field tradition. I am specimen, I am spectacle, I am object, but I am not too.

I developed Dissociative Identity Disorder as a child. My work let's my body tell it's story and it is the vehicle through which "I" have found my art. D.I.D. and trauma have allowed me a unique relationship with myself. I get to explore and share this in my paintings. They are our voice and our playground. They have made manifest that which the eye can not see.