Becky Holt

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Networks Oil On Canvas 60 1/2" H X 48" W © 2008
Escape Oil On Canvas 71 1/2" H X 48" W © 2008
Severe Risk Oil On Canvas 78" H X 66" W © 2008
Embodied Oil On Canvas 35 1/2" H X 19 1/2" W © 2008
Bombardment Oil On Canvas 72 1/2" H X 47 1/2" W © 2008
Performance Oil On Canvas 47 1/2" H X 35 1/2" W © 2008
Compost Oil On Canvas 23" H X 24 1/2" W © 2008
Quick Facts
Alfred University, 2008, Fine Arts: Painting
Representing galleries
Kathleen Cullen Fine Art
contemporary, abstraction, figurative, technology, consumer, large-scale, emerging, Rebecca, Becky, Holt

My paintings are responses to contemporary issues in mass consumerism and the social implications of modern science. I believe modern societies have evolved to have a dependence, and pleasure, in being confronted and manipulated by strategic advertising and the rapid integration of technology into our everyday lives. Within my paintings, I hope to highlight the growing scale and ridiculousness of these transforming forces by making them visible through the physicality of large amassments that depict the detritus of consumer activity. Within these amassments, by clashing the figurative with the abstract, I am attempting to merge what I observe and can understand of my current surroundings with that which I can’t. These solid formations assist in my own personal illusion that I can piece together the reasoning for the direction of a society that is constantly in flux. My paintings are intended to provoke a discomfort and to raise questions in the viewer’s own social conscience.