Dan Figliozzi

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Untitled Oil On Canvas 36" By 48" © 2008
Untitled Oil And Acyrlic On Canvas 36' By 48" © 2007
Untitled Oil And Acrylic On Canvas 41" By 60" © 2008
Untitled Oil And Acrylic On Canvas 36" By 42" © 2007
Untitled Oil And Acrylic On Canvas 48" By 72" © 2008
Untitled Oil And Acrylic On Canvas 27" By 48" © 2007
Untitled Oil And Acrylic On Paper 14' By 19" © 2007
Untitled Oil And Acrylic On Paper 15" By 21" © 2007
Untitled Oil And Acrylic On Paper 14" By 33" © 2007
Untitled Oil And Acrylic On Paper 14" By 17" © 2007
Quick Facts
surrealism, modern, figurative


My paintings are images of my subconscious and serve as a means of escaping to a new and imaginative world. I invent spaces of abstraction and surrealism; illusionistic environments a viewer can enter, and discover things that are recognizable as well as things that are unfamiliar and questionable. These atmospheres act as habitats for my shapes to live and reside in. The shapes are a manifestation of my imagination and creativity. They are always moving through space, interacting and conversing with each other. There is tension, connection, push, pull and balance.  Each shape has its own identity, voice, and purpose. They contain elements which can be suggestive of the human figure, bacteria, sea-life, growths and deformities. However, my goal and challenge as an artist has been to make them as non-objective and un-representational as possible.

 My shapes start out as quick gestural drawings in my sketchbook and are later translated into visible organic forms on canvas. Color, form and brushstroke embellish my work. With quick and rapid marks I allude to the movements of water, land, wind and clouds in a gestural and spontaneous way. These brushstrokes also act as a simple break on the canvas and help to define the composition. The use of bright colors gives my paintings energy and excitement while the graphic elements allude to video games and animations. Child-like tendencies of impulse and play are also apparent in my work. My paintings begin with a mark and later develop into an exploration of my subconscious.