Christin Boggs

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Richard Beaven, Christin Boggs, Nolan Calisch, Thea Maria Carlson, Kim Carr, Tierney Creech, Mckenzie Ditter, Makenna Goodman, Erin Harvey, Michele Ledoux, Ellie Lobovits, Genevieve Luikart, Esther Margolis, Connie Migliazzo, Aaron Price, Ethan Rafal, Trace Ramsey, Georgia Ranney, Ben Scott-Killian, Cecily Upton, Sara Worden at 18 Reasons Gallery February 3rd, 2011 - March 31st, 2011
Posted 3/15/11
This is really about how a lot of complex stuff around Art and Community intersect in a specific place, a foodie-focused space, 18 Reasons, nestled in the hip, critically-acclaimed (food-wise and otherwise) Mission District becomes a site of these two, and how great/problematic those intersections can be. Firstly, here is what I was thinking... I’m wondering if I am overstepping my boundaries as some sort of Community Critic.  I don't exactly see myself as a constituent of 18 Reasons; I... [more]
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