marisa dipaola

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the fungus i found in stowe, 2011 Quilted & Hand Sewn Found Fabrics & Foam On Found Curtain Rods & Coat Hangars; Found House Paint On Habitat & A Found Hubcap 9 Feet High X 10 Feet Diameter
fruiting bodies; part of "the fungus i found in stowe", 2011 Watercolor & Found Paper Doll Limbs On Found Paper 9 Inches Tall X 6 Inches Wide
the dragon, 2011 Bent, Punched, Bolted, Clamped & Wired Found Metals 5 Feet High X 12 Feet Long
fiddleheads, 2011 Stitched & Knitted Found Yarn On Wired & Fused Found Industrial Foam Each Of A Dozen Fiddleheads: 8 10 Feet Tall X 2 3 Feet Wide X 1 2 Feet Deep; Overall Dimensions Variable
moonsnails, 2011 Woven Found Plastics, L.E.D. Lights & Found Beads On Bolted & Wired Found Metals & Bicycle Rims Each Of 5 Moonsnails: 3 4 Feet Long X 2 ½ 3 Feet High X 1 ½ 2 Feet Wide; Overall Dimensions Variable
jack's beanstalk, 2011 Braided Found Plastic Bags, L.E.D. Lights, Knitted Found Yarn & Sewn Found Fabrics On Wired Found Metals & Wired & Fused Found Foam 18 Feet High X 8 Feet Diameter
toadstools of monza park, 2010 Quilted & Sewn Found Turkish Upholstery Fabric & Old Clothes On Wired Found Cushions & Broken Umbrellas 12 Feet High X 7 ½ Feet Wide X 5 Feet Deep
the garden of oz, 2010 Braided Found Plastic Bags, L.E.D. Lights & Sewn Found Fabrics On Wired Found Metals & Foams Each Of 5 Poppy Clusters: 6 ½ Feet High X 4 Feet Diameter
the floating island, 2010 Punched, Wired & Woven Found Corks & Found Industrial Wire 2 Inches High X 6 Feet Diameter
the octopus's garden, 2010 Site Specific Installation Of Sewn & Crocheted Found Materials & Foams; Stacked Found Rocks & Shells 25 Foot Diameter Circular Rock Garden
nymphéas bed, 2010 Quilted Found Synthetic Fabrics On Wired Found Foam 2 Feet High X 6 Foot Diameter
the caterpillar's garden, 2010 Braided Found Plastic Bags & Outdoor Lights On Reinforced Found Chicken Wire 8 ½ Feet High X 5 ½ Foot Diameter
the smurfhouse, 2009 Quilted & Sewn Found Draperies, Beach Umbrellas, & Fabrics, Found Plastic Tubing & Tent Poles; 4 Toadstools Of Hand Carved Found Poplar Logs; Quilted Found Cushions 9 Feet High X 6 Feet Diameter
the witch's oven, 2009 Wired Found Domestic Metals 10 Feet High X 7 ½ Feet Wide X 6 Feet Deep
belle & her lickable library wallpaper, 2009 Chocolate & Orange Cake Frosting Silk Screened Onto Sewn Parchment Paper; Sewn Found Ribbon & Gumdrops 10 Feet High X 16 Feet Wide X 5 Feet Deep
the bear rug, 2008 Knitted & Crocheted Found Yarn, Crocheted Found Yarn & Wire, Sewn Found Silk & Beads Installation Variable, Approx. : 6 Feet Long X 9 Feet Wide
the three bears' house, 2007 Sewn & Stuffed Found Fabrics; Basketry Woven Found Objects; Woven & Hand Sewn Found Fabric Over Foam; Crocheted Found Copper Wire Into Found Foam 8 Feet High X 13 Feet Diameter
Quick Facts
RISD (Rhode Island School of Design)
site-specific installations exhibition/performance, environmental-art installation sculpture

I am a nomadic sculptor and installation artist,

creating site-specific sculptures from found materials.

My artwork is a collection of storybook worlds come to life in our own,

an exploration and celebration of our wonderland through the alchemy of art-making.


My artwork is a conversation with a space,

documenting my interaction within while recreating the enchanted place I envision,

allowing sculptural projects to investigate the interconnections that bind us to the land.

These sculptures are hand-made from the raw materials gathered around,

based on the notion that the enchanted is simply a rearranging of the ordinary.

The raw materials themselves grow site-specific to the sculptures,

as the gathering process becomes embedded in the artwork,

and the final pieces are the demonstration of a magical transformation.


And within these hand-built spaces,

the viewers become visitors and are welcomed to interact with the work,

engaging in play while their imaginations run wild.

These storybook habitats grow site-specific to the world they are planted,

exploring the dynamic of our modern mythologies,

and creating of a storybook space for community interaction,

as something enchanted happens when personal interaction occurs.