Michael West

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Tin Pot Maggie, 13/03/2011 Mixed 1000 X 750 Mm © michael west
Self portrait, 27/8/2012 Wood Logs And Stinging Nettles Length 1740mm Height 1010mm Width 600mm
One God and your standing on it., 2011 50,000 Popies Oil And Mixed Media 2mts 8mts © © Michael West Contemporary Artist
Begger of Venice, 2010 Rags Life Size © Michael West
Darwinium Soil, 2, 2010 Soil On Canvas 1 Mtr X 1mtr © Michael West
Natural Pigments And Paint. 1mtr X1mtr © Michael West Contemporary Artist
Anthropomorphism 10, 2011 Mixed 600x450 © © Michael West Contemporary Artist
Universal Spirit, Earth series 09 © Michael West
Universal Spirit, Earth series 07 © Michael West
Universal Spirit, Earth series 02 © Michael West
Spirit of the Games , 2012 Mixed Media 70 X 60cm © Michael West
Athropomorphism 01 © Michael West
Darwinium Soil, Universal Earth Spirit 03 © Michael West
© Michael West
© Michael West
Quick Facts
United Kingdom
Birth year
Lives in
Taunton, Somerset, England
Works in
Somerset, England
Representing galleries
The Ridgeway Gallery, Cube Gallery

I have had a deep seated interest in creating art from about the age of 6, later on in life I decided to take this more seriously.

For many years I was predominantly self taught gaining knowledge from Bristol university science library studying human and animal myology and physiology, eventually I was caught and removed for not being a student.

With this knowledge and many hours drawing and sketching anything and everything I was able to specialize in classical sculpture, honing my skills with the gift industry and then at studios such as Pinewood, and Shepperton.

I have recently gained a BA Honors Degree in Fine Art.

And have been fortunate enough to work within the arts at the highest levels in both 2D and 3D.with work being sold worldwide.

Winner of the Gary Freemantle Award in Fine Art, Calling upon the experience as a professional artist both in my own practice and the artistic industry.

I am also passionate about creativity and Education, More recently I have worked within teaching establishments in order to engage directly with others that wish to follow an artistic career. I believe the ability to think laterally, creativity, should be open to all.   This belief drives my passion with others, and in the creation of new works.