William Rossoto

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Summer Polo, 10-2011 Mixed Media & Oil Paint 24"X 36" © Willaim Rossoto
Polo Moonlight, 8/2011 Mixed Media & Oil Paint 24" X 36" © William Rossoto 2010
Polo Mist, 07/2011 Mixed Media & Oil Paint 24" X 36" © William Rossoto 2010
Polo Science, 8/2011 Mixed Media & Oil Paint 24" X 36" © William Rossoto 2010
Polo Fun, 6/2010 Mixed Media & Oil Paint 24" X 36" © William Rossoto 2010
Polo Winter, 8/2011 Mixed Media & Oil Paint 24" X 36" © William Rossoto 2010
Air Chukkar, 1/2011 Graphite On Vellum 24" X 36" © William Rossoto 2010
Polo Red, 9-15-2011 Oil On Canvas 14"X11" © William Rossoto
Invisible Rider, 12/2010 Graphite On Vellum 18" X 24" © William Rossoto 2010
Polo Rider III, 8-21-2011 Oil On Canvas 14"X11" © William Rossoto
On the Mark, 1/2011 Graphite On Vellum 18" X 24" © William Rossoto 2010
Polo Day, 7-15-2011 Oil On Canvas 11"X14" © William Rossoto
Proud Rider, 11/2010 Graphite On Arches Paper 8" X 12" © William Rossoto 2010
Spring Halo, 1/2011 Graphite On Arches Paper 8" X 10" © William Rossoto 2010
Stormy Rider, 8-10-2011 Oil On Canvas 11"X14"
Nacho Figueras, 1/2011 Graphite On Vellum 18" X 24" © William Rossoto 2010
Chukkar Chaser, 11/2010 Graphite On Arches Paper 8" X 10" © William Rossoto 2010
Polo Triumph, 7-12-2011 Oil On Canvas 14"X11" © William Rossoto
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University of Arizona, 1989, Bachelors of Fine Art
Pima Community College, 1986, Assoc. of Science/Art
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Chishlom Gallery LLC, N.Y.
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A few years ago multi media artist William Rossoto was introduced to the world of Polo players by way of a friend who wanted a film created about his life in the Polo world. While William filmed numerous Polo events, doing personal interviews with the players, and traveling to many Polo Ranches William gained a keen interest in the beauty and athleticism of the horses and players. Considered an elite sport by many people and a world not easily accessible, William found the riders to be very humble, kind, and open to conversation.

When the idea of painting Polo horses and players manifested, William searched for a fresh perspective to express his love of horses, the sport, and the players. Mixing traditional and modern elements, his paintings express the strength, athleticism, and beauty of the players and the horses in motion. His vibrant colors, geometric elements, and use of mixed media produces an unusual fusion of figurative and abstract ingredients designed to give the viewer a sense of the exhilaration and power experienced by the Polo players.

University of Arizona        BFA  Major in Painting/Minor in Music
Pima Community College  AA  Major in Graphic Art & Illustration


Bank of America 10/11 Group Show  Atlanta, Ga.
Gallery 1526 10/11 Solo Show Atlanta, Ga.
Alliance Gallery  5/11 Group Show  Atlanta, Ga.
Gallery 1526  5/11  Group Show    Atlanta, Ga.
Sunderland Interiors 1/11 Solo Show Atlanta, Ga.
Alliance Gallery 11/10 Group Show Atlanta, Ga.
Emerging Art Scene Gallery 10/10 Group Show Atlanta, Ga.
T2T 09/10 Auction/Benefit Atlanta, Ga.
Alan Avery (GCAPP) 08/10 Auction/Benefit Atlanta, Ga.
MOCA Museum 07/10 Auction Atlanta, Ga.
Art From The Fringe 05/10 Group Show Atlanta, Ga.
Sue Ye Gallery 09/09 Group Show Atlanta, Ga.
EAS Gallery 08/09 Group Show Atlanta, Ga.
Eyedrum Gallery 07/09 Group Show Atlanta, Ga.
Terminus 07/09 Two Man Show Atlanta, Ga.
Java Monkey Gallery 01/01 One Man Show Decatur, Ga.
Zebo Gallery 07/00 Invitational Atlanta, Ga.
Zebo Gallery 05/00 Group Show Atlanta, Ga.
Java Monkey Gallery 05/99 Solo Show Atlanta, Ga.
Fairborn Art Gallery 12/95 Group Show Seattle, Wa.
Central Arts Collective 07/95 Group Show Tucson, Az.
St. James Gallery 02/95 Solo Show L.A., Ca.
Tulu Gallery 01/95 Group Show S.F., Ca.
Jewish Community Center 08/94 Group/Juried Tucson, Az.
Tucson Main Library 04/94 Group Show Tucson, Az.
Dinnerware Gallery 06/93 Biennial Show Tucson, Az.
Mars Gallery 05/93 Group Show Phoenix, Az.
Central Arts Collective 03/93 Two Man Show Tucson, Az.
University of Arizona 11/92 Alumni Show Tucson, Az.
Central Arts Collective 10/92 Group Show Tucson, Az.
Bentley Gallery 05/92 Solo Show Tucson, Az.
Congress Street Gallery 04/92 Solo Show Tucson, Az.
Number 61 Gallery 09/91 Group Show N.Y, N.Y.
Ward Nasse Gallery 08/91 Juried Show N.Y., N.Y.
Helio Gallery 02/91 Group Show N.Y., N.Y.
Ward Nasse Gallery 05/89 Group Show N.Y., N.Y.
Dodojack Gallery 04/89 Juried Show Tuscon, Az.
830  Gallery 04/89 Group Show Tucson, Az.
Dodojack Gallery 12/89 Group Show Tucson, Az.
University of Arizona 02/88 Juried Show Tucson,Az.

Common Creativ Atlanta & N.Y. Featured Artist        1/11 Atlanta, Ga.
SBN.Tv                         Art Interview                          9/10 Atlanta, Ga.
Buckhead Lifestyles     Arts & Entertainment             5/10 Atlanta, Ga.
Atlanta Art Collectors   Featured Artist                       5/10 Atlanta, Ga.
Art Interview                 Featured on Youtube             4/10 Atlanta, Ga.
Art at its Best                Film, Available on YouTube   12/8 Atlanta, Ga.
Tucson Citizen              Featured Artist                       1/95 Tucson, Az.
Art Bank                        Featured Artist                       7/94 Tucson, Az.
Wild Cat                        Featured Artist                        4/89 Tucson, Az.

Dinnerware Gallery             Juried/Judged Show, 2nd place  Tucson, Az.
University of Arizona           Juried/Judged Show, 1st place   Tucson, Az.
Arizona Watercolor Society Artist Grant                                  Tucson, Az.

Apex Micro Technology Corporation
Allen C. Harvey Attorney at Law
Emile Barron
David Rams Photography
Mcarthy Designs
John Gaul I.I.D.A.
Elinor Hershaft Interior Design