Bianca Pratorius

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Unfolded #29, 05/2016 Mixed Media Collage On Paper 72 X 105 Inches
Haptic Curves, 04/2016 Hand Cut Neoprene 50 X 29 X 12 Inches
Blurred Boundaries II, 11/2016 Hand Cut Tyvek 50 X 50 X 20 Inches
Unfolded #28, 09/2015 Mixed Media Collage © Bianca Pratorius
Line Extension , 04/2016 Hand Cut Wool Felt 48 X 43 X 17 Inches
Segment II, 06/2016 Hand Cut Wool Felt 28 X 13 X 10 Inches
Knot II, 06/2016 Hand Cut Wool Felt 15 X 17 X 8 Inches
Line Extension II, 06/2016 Hand Cut Wool Felt 24 X 17 X 8 Inches
Folding Turns, 11/2016 Hand Cut Wool Felt 48 X 70 X 13 Inches
Unfolded # 27, 05/2015 Mixed Media Collage 47 X 30 Inches © Bianca Pratorius
Rote Linie 2, 01/2016 Hand Cut Wool Felt 44 X 27 X 15 Inches
Pitched Line, 03/2016 Hand Cut Neoprene 50 X 29 X 12 Inches
Folded Straight, 07/2015 Hand Cut Felt 45 X 44 X 10 Inches
Unfolded #16, 11/2014 Mixed Media Collage 41 X 30 Inches © Bianca Pratorius
It, 04/12/2014
Zen, 2/14 Hand Cut Felt Variable © Bianca Pratorius
Unfolded #19, 11/2014 Mixed Media Collage 43 X 30 Inches © Bianca Pratorius
Folded Flat, 2014
Unfolded #15, 11/2014 Mixed Media Collage 56 X 42 Inches © Bianca Pratorius
Bale, 2013 Hand Cut Felt 56 X 60 X 14
Unfolded #22, 12/2014 Mixed Media Collage 45.5 X 30 Inches © Bianca Pratorius
The Lost Chord, 2013 Hand Cut Felt © Bianca Pratorius
Hive, 2013 Hand Cut Felt 24 X 14 X14
Unfolded #4, 2/14 Mixed Media Collage On Paper 9 X 12 Inches © Bianca Pratorius
Unfolded # 2, 2/14 Mixed Media Collage On Paper 9 X 12 Inches © Bianca Pratorius
Unfolded # 3, 2/14 Mixed Media Collage On Paper 9 X 12 Inches © Bianca Pratorius
Unfolded # 9, 2/14 Mixed Media Collage On Paper 9 X 12 Inches © Bianca Pratorius
Walkability, 10/2013
Unfolded # 8, 3/ 2014 Mixed Media Collage On Paper 9 X 12 Inches © Bianca Pratorius
Blurred Boundaries, 2011 Hand Cut Tyvek 80 X 120 Inches © Bianca Pratorius
His and Hers, 2011 Hand Cut Industrial Felt 36 X 48 Inches © Bianca Pratorius
Untitled Installation, 2011 Rebar Ties 12 X 60 X 9 Inches © Bianca Pratorius
Blurred Boundaries detail, 2011 Hand Cut Tyvek © Bianca Pratorius
Bound but not Stiffened (paperless drawing), 2012 Rebar Ties 20 X 14 X 10 © Bianca Pratorius
Diagram, 2012 Hand Cut Felt Variable
Bale (1st hanging), 2013 Linoleum Cut On Coventry Paper © Bianca Pratorius
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Cologne, Germany
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felt, fiber art, fiberart, soft-sculpture, sculpture, installation, conceptual, modern
Bianca Pratorius c.v.

In my work, I explore pattern, structure and repetition through the use of simple yet labor- intensive processes. I continuously investigate different materials for their structural and tactile potential and the process of selecting them is very deliberate. The soft forms I create from felt revolve around the process of hand cutting the felt into very organized ladder type patterns which seem to dissolve into organized chaos upon installation. The forms are never preconceived but are created spontaneously upon installation by letting the inherent sensuality of the material express itself. My pieces counteract the notion of an object's or sculpture's permanence as they are unplanned expressions on a wall or space that can never be repeated exactly once the form is removed.  

My collages satisfy my need to translate what I have created in 3-D into a 2-D format. The process of creating a 2-D language around the felt sculptures is an ongoing one. I use various printmaking techniques as well as drawing and other mixed media techniques to create the collages. I continue to explore and follow the leads of my own content and thus my work has become a sort of self-perpetuating organism continuously shifting back and forth between 3-D and 2-D.


Bianca Pratorius was born in Cologne, Germany in 1969. She started her formal training  at the Holzfachschule, Köln where she received her degree in fine furniture building and design and subsequently moved to Miami where she attended International Fine Arts College. 

Her work is featured internationally in many private and corporate collections including the "Millennium Partners Collection" permanently housed in the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami.  She has exhibited her work at the Gulf Coast Museum in a three person show as well as the 2012 Biennial for Installation Art at the Appelton Museum of Art. She was featured in a solo show at Ground Arts, New York City in 2013 as well as the Boca Raton Museum of Art 2013 juried exhibition and competition and the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art in 2014. Her work has been exhibited internationally in numerous Art Fairs including AAF Hong Kong and London. 



2016 &Gallery, #FFFFFF, Miami, FL

2016 Gallery 2612, Can You Feel It, Miami, FL

2016 Bossa Gallery, Unconditionally Beautiful, Miami, FL

2016 &Gallery, Furtherance, Miami, FL 

2015 Miami’s Independent Thinkers, Scope Art Fair, Art Basel, Miami Beach, FL

2015 Cancio Contemporary, Aqua Art Fair, Art Basel Miami Beach, FL

2015 100 Degrees in the Shade, a Survey of South Florida Art curated by Jane Hart, Miami, FL

2015 Fat Village Project Space, Felt, Sew, Knot, Bound, May 30 - June 27

2015 Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art, The Lightness of Being: Abstracts Part I

2015 Baker Museum, Florida Contemporary, Jan. 31 - April 26

2015, Naples, FL2015 East Tennessee State University, Positive/Negative National Juried Exhibition

juried by Dr. Mika Yoshitake Feb 9 - March 6 2015

2014 Cheryl Hazan Gallery, The Red Show, New York, NY December 2014

2014 Miami’s Independent Thinkers, Scope Art Fair, Miami Beach, FL

2014 Wunderbar, Deering Estate, Miami, FL

2014 Affordable Art Fair NYC, Cancio Contemporary, September 2014, NYC

2014 Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, National Juried Exhibition, juried by Catherine Clark,

Novato, CA

2014 Affordable Art Fair London, Cancio Contemporary, June 2014, London

2014 New York Now!, Factory Art Gallery, NYC

2014 Tempus Projects, In the Form of a Painting, curated by Kurt Piazza, Clearwater, FL

2014 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Cancio Contemporary, March 2014, Hong Kong

2014 Fat Village Project Space, Running Free, Fort Lauderdale, FL curated by Luky Cancio and

Bonney Goldstein

2013 Aqua Art Fair, Cancio Contemporary, Miami Beach, Fl

2013 Miami's Independent Thinkers Juried Competition, Scope Art Fair, Miami Beach, Fl

2013 Affordable Art Fair NYC, Cancio Contemporary, October 2013, NYC

2013 Audrey Love Gallery, Papering, curated by Ananda Demello, Miami, Fl

2014 Running Free, FAT Village Projects, Fort Lauderdale, Fl curated by Luky Cancio and Bonney Goldstein

2014 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Cancio Contemporary, March 2014, Hong Kong

2013 Art and Culture Center of Hollywood Biennial, Hollywood, Fl

2013 Boca Raton Museum of Art, 62nd All Florida juried Competition and Exhibition, Boca Raton, Fl

2012 Scope Art Fair, Swenson Gallery, Booth K18, Miami, Fl

2012 Verge Art Fair, "Tomorrow Stars" juried exhibition, Miami Beach, Fl

2012 Audrey Love Gallery, If a Tree Falls, a Chain Reaction... Miami, Fl

juried by Carol Jazzar, curated by Ananda Demello

2012 Ground Arts,Forward. Rewind. Repeat, NYC, NY

2012 Studio 18, Wrapt Attention, Pembroke Pines, Fl

2012 Encaustic Works 2012, A Biennial Exhibition in Print, juried by Joanne Mattera

2012 Appleton Museum of Art 2012 Biennial: Florida Installation Art, Ocala, Fl

2012 Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art, Two Doors Down, Sarasota Fl

2011 Tempus Projects, Return to Sender, Tampa, Fl

2011 Wynwood Art Fair, Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, Fl

2011 Audrey Love Gallery, Common Threads, Miami, Fl

2011 Graham Center Art Gallery, The Conversation Starts Here, Miami, Fl

2011 Audrey Love Gallery, Impressed, SOFLA Printmaking Exhibition, Miami, Fl

juried by Tom Virgin, Pavel Ouporov & Suzanne Scherer

2009 Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art, Sarasota, Fl

2007 [5] Art, Five + 5, Tampa, Fl

2006 C. Emerson Fine Art, Raise Up, St. Petersburg, Fl

2006 ADM Project Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2005 3 person exhibition, Gulf Coast Museum of Art, Largo, Fl


2013 Ground Arts, NYC, NY, Opening Reception April 23rd, 2013

2011 Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art, Turning Points, Sarasota, Fl

2005 Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art, Filmed Edifices, Sarasota, Fl

2002 Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art, Sarasota, Fl


The Vue, Orlando, Fl

Millenium Partners Collection on display at the Four Seasons Hotel, Miami, Fl

Neiman Marcus Contemporary Art Collection on display in various locations around the country.

Vitality, Health and Wellness, Miami, Fl



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2013 5th Showcase juried winner installation category with "Diagram"

2013 featured in Saatchi newsletter, Be bold. Go big. Oversized statement works.

2013 Saatchi Online Sculpture Collection, "Object Lessons: New Sculpture", juried by Rebecca Wilson

2013 5th Showcase Winner with "Bale", ArtSlant

2013 2nd Showcase Winner with "Hive", ArtSlant

2012 3rd Showcase Winner with "His and Hers", ArtSlant

2012 Everything is Art, juried publication

2012 Grand Prize Winner Summer Competition, Ground Arts, NYC

2012 "Artist of the Month", July 2012,

2012 Featured in "Where" guest book publication