Kim Carlino

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Cosmological Formations, series I, XXXXII, 2013 Watercolor And Ink On Yupo 35in X 23in © kimcarlino 2013
Cosmological Formations, series I, XXXXIII, 2013 Watercolor And Ink On Yupo 35in X 23in © kimcarlino 2013
Cosmological Formations series I, XXXIX, 2013 Watercolor And Ink On Yupo 23in X 35in © kimcarlino 2013
Cosmological Formations,series I, XIV, 2013 Watercolor And Ink On Yupo 39in X 23in © Kimcarlino 2013
Geometric Intervention VIII, 2015 Watercolor, Ink And Mixed Media On Acetate 6 X 9 In, © Courtesy of the Artist and Elisa Contemporary Art Gallery
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Easthampton, MA
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Easthampton, MA
University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2011, BFA
serial abstract, spiritual, light-and-space, spatial, geometric-abstraction, marker abstract, ink cluster, water-based paint, watercolor, abstraction, modern


Kim Carlino is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Carlino is interested in the contrasts of opposing forces in her work: rigidity and fluidity, structure and chaos, static and activated.  Carlino received her BFA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She also studied at the New School and Drawing Room in NYC.  Carlino was a member on the team of artists that installed the 25 year Drawing Retrospective of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawings.   She has exhibited her paintings, drawing, woodcuts and installations widely throughout Western Massachusetts in solo and group exhibitions as well as participated in group shows in NYC.  She is a recipient of the Gordon Scholarship for Fine Art, Vice Chancellor’s Purchase Award and a 2011 Art Grant from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  Carlino was recently chosen as the 2013 Art Slant Juried Select Winner in the Abstract category. 


From the silence of nothingness arises forms that expand and contract, electrified with streaks of colorful lines, pendants, and geometrical shapes. Imagined universes arise and dissolve as I explore the tension between fluidity and rigidity.  Harmony and balance can be achieved at a point somewhere between the two.  At this meeting point lies equanimity, reflection and stillness within the infinite realm of the cosmos.


Lives and works in Easthampton, MA


2011 University of Massachusetts Amherst. Bachelor of Fine Arts. Summa cum laude.


2014 Intersecections in Geometry. Lathrop Community Art Gallery. Easthampton, MA.

2014 Possibilities of Space.  Western New England University. Springfield, MA.

2012 Cosmological Formations.  Freedom Trails Gallery.  Amherst, MA.

2011 Environments, part I. Eastworks. Easthampton, MA.

2011 Environments, part II. Student Union Gallery. Amherst, MA.

2010 Sutra. Student Union Gallery. Amherst, MA.


2012  Light Up the Arts, Small Works.  ECA+.  Easthampton, MA.

2012  Small Works. Freedom Trails Gallery. Amherst, MA.

2012  Amherst Biennial.  Frost Library, Amherst College.  Amherst, MA.

2012  Post Art Prize.  Frames Unlimited. Grand Rapids, MI.

2012  Art Prize.  Minty Keen.  Grand Rapids, MI.

2011 Mind Motion. Spaces Gallery.  Hardwick, MA.

2011 School's Out. Caelum Gallery. New York, NY.

2011 Junior/Senior Award Exhibition.  Herter Gallery. Amherst, MA.

2011  Paperworks.  Paper City Studios.  Holyoke, MA.

2011  Spineless. Hampden Gallery. Amherst, MA.

2010 An Exchange with Sol LeWitt.  MASS MoCA. North Adams, MA.

2010 Student Work.  University of Massachusetts, Chancellor Gallery. Boston, MA.

2010 Spring Break. Caelum Gallery.  New York, NY.

2010 Multiple Totalities. Student Union Gallery. Amherst, MA.

2009 LCA, Past and Present.  Barnes Gallery.  Leverett, MA.

2008 Meditations 1-10. LCA. Leverett, MA.

2005 Sacred Women Portraits. Art and Flowers Gallery. Easthampton, MA.

2005 Portraits. Studio 19. Easthampton, MA.

2005 Portraits. Windows Project. Easthampton, MA.

2004 Guild Faculty Show. Mass Mutual Center. Springfield, MA.

2003 New Work.  Chancellor Gallery. Easthampton, MA.

2001 New Drawings.  Education Art Alliance.  New York, NY.

2001 Women and Grid Series.  Studio 10. Brooklyn, NY.


2012 Meat for Tea. March Issue. Easthampton, MA.


2013 Juried Select Award. Art Slant, Round 1 Showcase. Online.

2011 Mini Art Grant.  UMass Arts Council. Amherst, MA.

2011 Vice Chancellor's Purchase Award. University of Massachusetts Amherst.

2011 Gordon Scholarship for Fine Arts.  University of Massachusetts Amherst.

2011 Best in Show, 2nd Place. Faculty Jury of the Studio Arts Program. Amherst.

2011 Third in Show. External Jury Award. University of Massachusetts Amherst.