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Vibram Five Fingers
In fact, because of [url=]Vibram Five Fingers[/url] soles have different purposes depending on the shoe pattern design, for example: use climbing shoes [url=]Five Fingers Shoes[/url], soles of the particles is usually relatively large, tooth profile is relatively deep, and hiking shoes on the relatively shallow ridges [url=]Vibram Fivefingers[/url], if it is the sole general urban leisure, tooth pattern is likely to be very simple stripes only. The friction with non-slip soles [url=]Vibram Bikila[/url] is actually one of the two sides of the soles to see you are using the right road. For example: when [url=]Vibram Classic[/url] in the mountain, because the contact with the ground is mostly gravel, soil, grass, and these roads can make [url=]Vibram Kso Trek[/url] shoes protruding teeth deep into the soft surface pattern, let the protruding teeth of the vertical part of the pattern [url=]Vibram Speed[/url] became parts in contact with the ground, this also increases the area of sole contact with the ground, thus increasing the friction [url=]Vibram Womens FiveFingers[/url], but if you wear your hiking boots on the ground to the general road, even a tile and other smooth surface [url=]Vibram Flow[/url]. We believe non-slip to be better than climbing shoes and more.
Comment by: kevinwu007 on Friday 04/08/11 at 4:27 PM
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