Vasiliy (Vasily) Sad

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Green-Red, 1992 Mixed Media 90x85cm © the Artist and Artelia
After J. Pollock, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 100x110cm © the Artist and Artelia
Underground Map , 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 80x90cm © the Artist and Artelia
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National Museum of Ukraine mixed-media, apartment exhibition, Odessa School, Soviet Nonconformist Art, abstract art, modern art, Vasyl Sad, Vasily Sad, Vasiliy Sad, Iron Curtain drawing painting, Jackson Pollock modern

Born in 1948 in Ukraine, Vasiliy Sad began his artistic career in the 1970s. He was one of the very few non-conformist artists who kept his identity and his freedom of creative expression during socialism when art remained a safe tool to think without limitations. Sad took an active part in unofficial, so called "apartment exhibitions", but it was under Perestroika that he first gained wide-spread recognition.

From the late 1980s, Sad abandoned figurative art and moved to a pure abstraction. The painter of colour sensation and of meticulous brush strokes Vasiliy formulated his unique language where paintings are charged with an intense but calming feeling, where the Artist's reality is filling the canvas with small, crystalline elements, rendered in an expressive palette.

Sad believes that it is only with abstraction that one can to 'get through to the secrets of human existence and nature'. His paintings play with the emotions - from a distance they appear serene and meditative, but on closer inspection we see jerky, thickly-spread dots of pure energetic colour. Sad plays with abstractions in the manner of Richard Pousette-Dart or Mark Tobey, but also draws inspiration from real objects - from Carpathian craftsmanship like carpet-weaving, wood carving and Easter egg painting. His paintings seem as fragile as a lacework, but as strong as a ray of light slashing through layers of colours and textures. Abrupt, mottle brush strokes are creating flickering, breathing substance on a canvas. In his latest works, the artist explores new media, in particular metal.

Works by the artist are in Kiev Museum of Modern Fine Art, National Museum of Ukraine, Odessa Museum of Eastern and Western Art, and in private collections in America, UK, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Asia.


2009 Russian Art Fair, Carlton Tower Hotel, London
2009 Solo exhibition, NT-Art gallery, Odessa, Ukraine
2005 “Mamai” art group exhibition, Museum of contemporary Ukrainian art, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine
2003 Odessa artists exhibition, Museum of Western and Easter Art, Odessa, Ukraine
2002 National art festival “Cultural heroes”, Odessa, Ukraine
2002 Graphic art exhibition, Odessa Sea Art gallery, Ukraine
2001 “Mamai” art group exhibition, Odessa Contemporary Museum, Ukraine
2001 Odessa Sea Art gallery, Odessa, Ukraine
2001 Ukraine Triennial “Art-2001”, Kiev, Ukraine
2001 International Biennale of modern graphical art, Kiev, Ukraine
2000 Graphic art Triennial, Kiev, Ukraine
2000 “Mamai” art group exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine
1999 IV Ukrainian Art Congress exhibition, Odessa
1998 Ukraine Triennial “Art-98”, Kiev, Ukraine
1998 “Mamai” art group exhibition (Odessa non-conformist), across Ukraine
1996 Art club-96 exhibition, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine
1995 “Kandinsky life in Odessa” exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine
1995 Ukraine-95 Art exhibition, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
1994 3rd Anniversary of Ukrainian Independence exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine
1994 Group exhibition of art group “Boat”, Odessa, Ukraine
1991 Biennale “Impresa”, Ukraine
1987 Odessa monumental art exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine
1984 Ukrainian Art exhibition, Kiev, Ukraine

In the 1970s Odessa Nonconformist Artists among whom was Vasily Sad took an active part in the unofficial, so called "apartment exhibitions".