Daphne Gerou

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Sunday Dinner, 2009 Graphite On Paper 19" X 19" © Daphne Gerou
Preparations for the World Outside, 2009 Graphite On Paper 17" X 17" © Daphne Gerou
In the Workshop, 2008 Graphite On Paper 20"X 28" © Daphne Gerou
Quick Facts

In my work I use a combination of solid and powdered graphite to study the way that the interplay of shadow and light, rather than linear applications, can be used to construct form. The process that I have developed involves a layered approach, where graphite is applied and removed repeatedly to achieve the desired tone in a manner that neglects solid line drawing in favour of form built out of near-seamless transitions of the tonal spectrum.

With my compositions I strive to establish tension between objects and their environment, characters and one another, sky in relation to ground - the latter being a recurring feature of my work. This approach has led me to an examination of Modern Western painting, with emphasis on the Baroque, which, from my perspective, speaks most closeely to my prefered aesthetic.

Thematically, my work addresses issues of nature versus culture, pitting various elements of contemporary civilization against those of myth, religion and folklore, to create a hybrid world that incorporates all manner of reality without entirely veering towards the surreal. The narrative compositions that I develop are not of the fantastic aesthetic; rather, they are observations of the world as it has become: part fiction, part reality, and perturbingly tinged by the persistent belief of an lost ‘golden age’, an idyllic reality that cannot be confirmed to have ever been, which often returns us to harmonious pastoral settings free from industry, poverty and plague.