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Art Blog Updates

Hi Everyone,It seems that I'm getting worse and worse at keeping my ArtSlant Journal successfully updated. Instead of feeling bogged down by having a number of journals to update, I thought I would simply post a link to my wordpress blog that I update on a weekly basis. For those of you who are interested, this is where you can find all the info on upcoming events, work in progress photos, new works, and print releases. Thanks for the support and for... [more]
Posted by David Camisa on 8/22/11

The New Surrealism: A Collection Of Strange

I’m really very excited for my blog update this week as I get to share with you all information about an upcoming exhibit that I’m thrilled to be taking part in!  Modern Eden Gallery is one of San Francisco’s newest and most exciting destinations for art. Located in San Francisco’s historic North Beach, Modern Eden is one of the city’s largest art galleries and, fortunately for me, invited me to prepare a piece for their newest exhibit “The New Surrealism: A Collection Of Strange”.  Paying... [more]
Posted by David Camisa on 7/7/11


Hi Everyone! Pardon my absence - I've been incredibly busy working on a few commissioned pieces, as well as preparing for a handful of upcoming gallery exhibitions, so unfortunately my blog updates had to fall by the wayside just for a short while:) But now I'm back and ready to share my newest piece: "Arachne" with all of you. Continuing my Greek Mythology collection, this piece tells the tale of it's namesake. Arachne was a fantastic weaver who went around telling everybody so, refusing to... [more]
Posted by David Camisa on 6/27/11

New Piece: Crossroads

Hello, Hello! Well, even though I've been taking part in plenty of events and exhibition lately, I've still found the time to work on and complete the next piece in my Greek Mythology collection. This piece, entitled "Crossroads" is my depiction of Hecate, the Goddess of the Crossroads. Dwelling in the underworld, Hecate acted as the link between the spirit world and Earth and possessed extraordinary power. Although believed by many to be evil, Hecate was in fact a very ambivalent woman, who... [more]
Posted by David Camisa on 5/26/11

New Prints!

Hi Everyone! What can I say? Before I even get started with today's blog topic I have to give a HUGE shout out to all those who came out to the "Man's Best Friend" opening at CityScape Gallery last night! I had an amazing time and could feel all of the love and support in the air, it was better than I could have imagined. Seeing all of those familiar faces, as well as meeting some new friends and peers, truly made last night a special evening and, although it's not quite enough, all I... [more]
Posted by David Camisa on 4/29/11

CARDED! 2011

Hi Everyone! "Man's Best Friend" opens at CityScape Gallery in only one week and I am so excited. If that wasn't enough, I recently received word that one of my pieces will be taking part in this years "CARDED!" which happens, hot on the heels of the opening reception for "Man's Best Friend", on April 30. Brought to you by the same gang who created "Hot One Inch Action", the Button Show, their shows are always a blast and most definitely worth coming out for. Check out their website for... [more]
Posted by David Camisa on 4/20/11

"Man's Best Friend" Exhibition

Hey Everyone! You may remember me telling you all about an exhibition opening this year that would contain a number of my pieces from 2010. Well, the time has finally arrived and "Man's Best Friend" opens in just two weeks! Read all the details here and hopefully I'll see you all at the opening reception:) [more]
Posted by David Camisa on 4/15/11

New Collection: Greek Mythology

Hey Everyone! It's been a few weeks since my last post and I apologize for keeping you all waiting! I've been spending most of my time compiling idea's, sketching, and painting some new images that are going to make up my new collection, pieces all based on Greek Myths. I've always loved Greek Mythology and with so many dramatic stories and eccentric characters to use for inspiration, I've known for quite some time that these are stories that I wanted to re-envision. Hopefully you'll... [more]
Posted by David Camisa on 3/27/11

Little Help?

Hi Everyone! Now that my collection from 2010 is complete, it’s time to make the very difficult decision as to what pieces will become available as prints. I’m always surprised to find what pieces stand out or speak to different people and how their favorites can differ so much from my own. This is where I’m going to put you all to work! Follow the link here where you'll find all five pieces that are in the running to get the print treatment and the poll where you can vote for your... [more]
Posted by David Camisa on 2/20/11

Hello ARTslant!

I am new to the world of ARTslant but I'm hoping to get myself acquainted as quickly as possible. I've posted a handful of my work from 2010 and I'm hoping that you like it enough to follow along with me as I begin to work on a brand new collection of work for 2011! I'm going to start posting that work soon, so stay tuned...and in the meantime, why not check out my website for my full portfolio of work? Oh, and don't forget about my Facebook & Twitter accounts as well:) Thanks for the... [more]
Posted by David Camisa on 2/6/11