Kathleen J Graves

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Remix, 2009 Archival Digital Image 48" X 32" © Edition of 8
Garden Bots_6, 2011 Archival Digital Print On Hahnemuhle Bright White Paper 30 5/8 X 46 Inches © Kathleen Graves
Bot Study_2, 2012 Mixed Media 6.5"H X 4.5 X 3 D © Kathleen J Graves
Bot Study_2, 2012 Mixed Media 6.5"H X 4.5 X 3 D © Kathleen J Gravs
Bot Study_4, 2012 Mixed Media 16"H X 16 © Kathleen J Graves
Bot Study_6, 2012 Mixed Media 4.5"H X 2.5 © Kathleen J Graves
Installation Galerie Califia, July 2012 Archival Digital Prints 17"W X 11" & 34"W X 22" © Kathleen J Graves
Trio_Poppy Bot a, February 2013 Photography 30.6" X 46" © Kathleen J Graves
Trio_Poppy Bot b, February 2013 Photography 30.6" X 46" © Kathleen J Graves
Trio_Poppy Bot c, February 2013 Photography 30.6" X 46" © Kathleen J Graves
Garden Bot 1, 2011 Photography 30.6" X 46" © Kathleen J Graves
Quick Facts
Colorado Springs, CO
works-on-paper mixed-media installation landscape drawing, mixed-media, landscape, photography, digital
Garden Bots and Bot Studies

Bot Dialectics

Between the robot and nano-tech, I have imagined the ‘Bots’.  I am further visualizing these Bots as intelligent creatures of agency.  The Bots camouflage themselves as mysterious beings and I introduce these curious species subtlety, using digital effects, photography and drawing, placing them out of doors.  Intelligent, capable and tiny, Bots hover outside of reality with close connections to technological innovations today like smart phones. The visual poetry of the Bots is designed so that they blend in as plant-like creatures, Orphic forms dancing in and above gardens.   I warn of a dystopian future through clues and pictorial techniques in my photographs.  I work between making photographs of gardens and landscapes populated by Garden ‘Bots’ and 3-D ‘Bot Studies’.  The dimensional ‘Bot Studies’ are made from satirical combinations of found objects and electronics. All of the Bots have an overwhelming desire to interrogate the current imbalance between humans and nature. The suspicion of technology is a relevant question for all of us and I am working to create an interactive discussion with the Bots who are evolving themselves and developing a sense of otherness and independence.