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RADONEZH. PAZHA RIVER, 2013 Oil On Canvas, Iprimatura 60x70 Cm
CHURCH OF THE COVER IN CHERKIZOVO., 2013 Oil On Canvas, Iprimatura 60x60 Cm
LUXEMBURG. ALZETTE RIVER., 2013 Oil On Canvas, Iprimatura 50x70 Cm
EVENING IN TARASOVKA., 2013 Oil On Canvas, Iprimatura 60x60 Cm
CHURCH OF OUR SAVIOUR. ABRAMTSEVO. SKETCH., 2013 Oil On Canvas, Iprimatura 50x60 Cm
MAY. BOCHAROV POND., 2013 Oil On Canvas, Iprimatura 60x60 Cm
BURDEN., 2013 Oil On Canvas 50x60 Cm
FUTURE MEMORIES., 2012 Oil On Canvas 70x60 Cm
KARLSTEIN CASTLE., 2012 Oil On Canvas 50 X50 Cm
Lords Of The Winds, 2012 Oil On Canvas 70 X60 Cm
Autumn, 2011 Oil On Canvas 50 X60 Sm
Summer In Alley. Sketch., 2011 Oil On Canvas 50 X40 Sm
Treatment of Spring Avitaminosis., 2011 Oil On Canvas 50x40 Sm
House On The Hill. Where Happiness And Love., 2011 Oil On Canvas 50 X50 Sm
Colour dream, 2011 Oil On Glass 38 X 48 Sm
Wanderers, 2011 Oil On Canvas 70 X 50 Sm
March, 2011 Oil On Canvas 60 X60 Sm
Alms of Hope, 2011 Oil On Canvas 60 X60 Sm
Life Is A Gamble., 2010 Oil On Glass 47 X55 Sm
Returning., 2011 Oil On Glass 75 X75 Sm
Winter Dream. Russian Cruise. , 2011 Oil On Glass 50 X75 Sm
Happy Bachelors Dinner., 2010 Oil On Glass 50 X60 Sm
Portrait Of Old Sweater., 2010 Oil On Cardboard 40 X60 Sm
Night Express. , 2010 Oil On Glass 60x60 Sm
Thawing Last Year Snow..., 2010 Oil On Cardboard 60 X50 Sm
Unknown With A Stoat Or "Why Do The Artists Draw Cats?", 2010 Oil On Cardboard 50 X50 Sm
Tram From Childhood, 1988 Oil On Cardboard 50 X35 Sm
My Village. , 1989 Oil, Pencil On Paper 30 X40 Sm
Farewell with Homeland, 1988 Oil, Pencil On Paper 30 X42 Sm
Yardman., 1988 Oil On Canvas 38 X38 Sm
Just The Winter Has Come..., 1988 Oil On Cardboard 50 X50 Sm
Forgotten Winter., 1987 Oil On Cardboard 35 X33 Sm
Evening Rainfall., 1988 Oil On Cardboard 40 X34 Sm
Telephone-Island., 1987 Oil On Paper 27 X39 Sm
Before Storm. Sketch., 1988 Oil On Cardboard 35 X50 Sm
Quick Facts
portrait realism modern landscape, impressionism, expressionism landscape realism, landscape, modern, figurative, exhibition/performance
Ivan Krutoyarov was born in 1958 in Volgograd.
Higher education in the sciences. From 1983 till 1989 studied at Moscow Learning People's University of Arts, specialization in easel painting. Due to some life circumstances gave up painting in 1990. 20 years later, in 2010, returned to creative work after a series of accidental occurrences.
Award-winner of All-Union Festival of Folk Art of 1987.
A member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia..
A member of Union of Artists of the Moscow Region.
 Uses oil painting techniques. His own style defines as a combination of philosophical realism, impressionism and expressionism.
 "Ivan Krutoyarov's paintings distinguish themselves at Russian exhibitions of modern artists by pensiveness, concentration, fascinating romanticism. The artist, teetering on the edge of styles, undoubtedly, has his own hand and manner, being a rich heir to the traditions of Moscow pictorial school and admirer of European neoimpressionism.
 "Expressive impressionism" of Krutoyarov is notable for its philosophic content combining the value of what is painted with the way how it is painted. The art credo of Ivan Krutoyarov is the combination of power of colours with the depth of the subject's sense. Painting technique perfection is not an end in itself for the artist, he addresses himself, first of all, to the spectator - an individual, but not to his aesthetic sensibility.
 In his philosophic works the artist uses colours and texture of paints as means of influence upon the feelings and emotions of the audience. He manages to pass on the whole range of feelings - from the surface ones, such as rest, confusion, anxiety, hope, sadness to the most deep, intuitive feelings which are frequently not clearly realized. In Ivan Krutoyarov's paintings refinement is combined with touching naivety.
 When describing and characterizing Ivan Krutoyarov's artworks, it is impossible to do without the theory of interaction of colours and musical tones formulated by ancient Greeks. All artworks of the artist are surprisingly musical.
 In the artist's paintings the power of expressionistic thought is combined with the refined fineness of pictorial vision. The desire for harmony in the perception of the world which became rare in the art of the last three decades gladdens by the "light sorrow", but neither the subject nor highly professional technical workmanship determines the meaning of a painting. The most interesting aspect of art is the artist's personality, and if it is as original as that of Ivan Krutoyarov, the critics are ready to admire".
Julia Mikhailova, art critic,
expert of Moscow Service for the Preservation of Cultural Valuables under Moscow Department of Culture


Main exhibitions:
2012 - Personal exhibition at the Consulate General of Russia in StrasbourgFrance.
2012 - Personal exhibition "Meeting with Myself", FranceStrasbourg, the Council of Europe.
2012 - Exhibition "Russian Winter", Mytischi.
2011 - Exhibition "From Icon to Hyperrealism", Moscow.
2011 - All-Russian exhibition "Cathedral of Warrior Saints", Moscow.
2011 - Exhibition "Orthodox Russia", Kolomna.
1988 - Personal exhibition, Noginsk.
1987 - All-Union Festival of Folk Art, Moscow.
1986 - Personal exhibition, Noginsk.
1985 - Exhibition of Folk Art, Moscow.


Ivan KRUTOYAROV. "Meeting with myself" (musical painting album). 1987-2011.


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