Josiane Keller

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(Larry shooting up) - lieber Gott boese, 2016 Digital Photograph © Josiane Keller
ChoCho's foot on the toilet, 2016 Digital Photograph © Josiane Keller
Starfish and Chiaki kissing, 2016 Digital Photograph © Josiane Keller
Billy eating a cupcake 2, 2016 Digital Photograph © Josiane Keller
Billy's binge 9 - melted frozen yoghurt, 2016 Digital Photograph © Josiane Keller
Billy's binge 16 - cupcake 2, 2016 Digital Photograph © Josiane Keller
Billy's binge 28 - fly on the toilet, 2016 Digital Photograph © Josiane Keller
Billy in the hospital bed #32, 2016 Digital Photograph © Josiane Keller
Billy in Tant Loisi's Viennese dress 3, 2016 Digital Photograph © Josiane Keller
Billy in the casket 32 - Larry kissing Billy 3, 2016 Digital Photograph © Josiane Keller
Billy in the casket 81 - Laila walking off 3, 2016 Digital Photograph © Josiane Keller
Quick Facts
Lives in
United States /Japan
Leeds Beckett University (formerly Leeds Metropolitan University), UK, 2001, MA Fine Arts
State Technical School of Ceramics Landshut, Germany, 1992, Geselle of Ceramics
Seika University of Art / Manga Faculty, Kyoto, Japan, 2008, Postgraduate Research
Edinburgh College of Art - University of Edinburgh
Gerrit Rietveld Academie - Amsterdam
stop-motion animation, puppetry, figurative, video-art, conceptual, surrealism, photography, digital
Artist Statement


ホテル Hotel (reads: "hotel-hotel") is an ongoing long-term project, that was started in January 2016. You can follow both production diary/narration in the BLOG on my homepage, please click on: "Handabbeisser".

"A long-residency hotel in a large city, possibly in USA, on a street called "Cooks Lane" that about 100 years ago was quite shady and a famous street walker area, and there exist photographs from that time that are now classy and sought after (see album "Haifischflossen"), but today the working girls have disappeared (most of them, anyways).

Various colourful people are living here together, trying to make it to the next day. Some of them will later on become famous. (Or was all that yesterday?) Each one of them has his/her story, and there is usually more than meets the eye, sometimes we will never know everything what's behind the first impression, because the people move on.

Narrated by an emerging photographer, who moved into the hotel to do a photographic documentary about it. "

in contrast to conventional puppet/puppetry based projects, this one is NOT geared towards a child or child-like audience; it is inspired by both famous classical series of PHOTOGRAPHS of similar groups of people, such as in particular Nan Goldin's "The Ballad of Sexual Dependency", Any Warhol's "Factory" as well as "The Hotel Chelsea", and at the same time and in equal amounts investigating the FETISHISM around such images and stories, as well as it is also based on incidents from ACTUAL LIFE AS IT OCCURS to the artist. Further, like with the first puppet-based project 
"Each reflection of myself..." soon a certain shamanism-effect made itself noticeable.

I am attempting to propose and research the essence of human life in a symbolized way in pictures and words; consequently topics like sexuality, drug-use, birth and death are widely represented, gender boundaries do not apply;
please look and read responsibly!