Roberto Jamora

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Two Memories, 2014 Oil On Canvas 24 X 27 Inches © Roberto Jamora
Escape, 2014 Oil On Canvas 34 X 34 Inches © Roberto Jamora
Four Memories, 2014 Oil On Canvas 60 X 72 Inches © Roberto Jamora
2-3 Zone Defense, 2014 Oil On Mdf 8.5 X 11 Inches © Roberto Jamora
1-3-1 Zone Defense, 2013 Oil On Masonite 18 X 24 Inches © Roberto Jamora
They're coming to get me (2), 2014 Oil On Canvas 8.5 X 11 Inches © Roberto Jamora
Passing Memory III, 2014 Oil On Canvas 24 X 30 Inches © Roberto Jamora
4, 2014 Oil On Canvas 30 X 60 Inches © Roberto Jamora
fullcourt1, 2014 Oil On Canvas 24 X 30 Inches © Roberto Jamora
Inner Net, 2014 Oil On Canvas 11 X 14 Inches © Roberto Jamora
They're coming to get me, 2014 Oil On Canvas 8.5 X 11 Inches © Roberto Jamora
fullcourt2, 2014 Oil On Canvas 24 X 30 Inches © Roberto Jamora
Rise to the Occasion, 2014 Oil, Acrylic, House Paint, Construction Foam, Spray Foam, And Joint Compound On Wood 36 X 48 X 12 Inches © Roberto Jamora
Pick and Roll, 2013 Oil On Masonite 18 X 24 Inches © Roberto Jamora
Mid Season, 2013 Oil On Wood 8.5 X 11 Inches © Roberto Jamora
Triangle Offense, 2013 Oil On Wood 8.5 X 11 Inches © Roberto Jamora
VCU Rams, NY Knicks, 7-11, 2014 Oil On Wood 22 X 30 Inches © Roberto Jamora
Soft Rock Slam Dunk, 2013 Acyrlic, House Paint, Oil Paint, Construction Foam, Sand, Epoxy, Screws, Hanging Wire, Hooks, D Rings, Masonite, And Wood 55 X 27 X 36 Inches © Roberto Jamora
The Paint, 2013 Oil On Canvas 72 X 1200 © Roberto Jamora
Quick Facts
Annapolis, Maryland
Birth year
Lives in
Queens, NY
Works in
Brooklyn, NY
Purchase College, State University of New York, 2013, MFA Visual Arts
Virginia Commonwealth University, 2009, BFA Painting and Printmaking

In Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall,” Alvy’s ex-wife, Robin, asks “Alvy, what is so fascinating about a group of pituitary cases trying to stuff the ball through a hoop?” Alvy reponds, “What's fascinating is that it's physical. You know, it's one thing about intellectuals, they prove that you can be absolutely brilliant and have no idea what's going on. But on the other hand the body doesn't lie, as we now know.” Basketball blends analytical thinking and intuition at a fast pace. The physical tension that takes place in sports is always exciting and never gets old. It feels human. Coaches will often tell their players to “leave it all on the court” which means to give the game 110% and don’t leave the game with any regrets. Be completely sincere, do not doubt your intuition, and you can win. The same goes for making art. 

In my studio, I feel like I am both coach and player in an important basketball game and I have called time-out. I rally the team together (my artistic influences, my personal history, materials, things professors and mentors have told me, and so forth) and make plays. While I paint, I ask myself these questions: Can I paint a personal painting? Can a painting embody something human? When “time-out” is over, I react to decisions made on my paintings. I move the paint around intuitively. My paintings are abstract and make reference to basketball team colors, offensive/defensive strategies in basketball, skin tones, and sentimental gradients from my memory. Sometimes these elements overlap. In other paintings, a single element is isolated. The paint is brushed, dripped, squeegeed, scratched, scraped, and squeezed right out of the tube. Under-layers are strategically revealed. In my paintings there is frustration, longing, excitement, hope, humor, futility, and loss. The result is visual tension and unscripted drama that alludes to the human experience.

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