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The Dumbest Generation; Law and Order SVU

Do you compose your blog in Word because your Internet is slow? Linksy, net gear, la gear. I pretend to live in LA.  God I love LA. I love New York the biggest apple, the biggest time bomb. The art bomb. I run from men in Korea Town, mace in hand.Anyway it’s in my blood; it’s in your DNA. We gotta be part of the flow, the gyre, the addiction. Man it’s hard for society to sympathize. 9 to 5 minus Dolly boobs, who can blame them?  Taxes, rent, cell phone charges. Don’t you hate the youth with... [more]
Posted by Erin Marie Dunn on 10/28/08

New Artist Statement 2008

I'm emotional take a big gulp,I'm not embarrassed. I want you to touch my art, I don't care about longevity. I care about women, colors, light, feelings and techniques (IMGs), who doesn't? I want to dance, to sing, to play and to imagine. My world is cool cause it's so weird out there, right? I'm so sorry I'm witty and pretty. But I'm actually sorry/catholic. Anyway what I really got to say, I want to love to fall down. I want to fly and take care of things. I want to go to heaven don't you?... [more]
Posted by Erin Marie Dunn on 9/20/08

This Land is our land, our uterus???

This Land is our Land, her parts are their parts.   The Unite​d State​s Inter​natio​nal Uteru​s Protection​ and Posse​ssion​ Initi​ative​ (​2008)​ *​*​*​*​*​ Initi​ates contr​actur​al gaurd​iansh​ip of child​'​s uteru​s upon puber​ty to her fathe​r and or step-​fathe​r.​ Gaurd​ingsh​ip is trans​fered​ to husba​nd.​*​*​*​*​*​ Funds​ local​ purit​y cerem​onies​,​ espec​ially​ The Life Chann​el Track​ing Ritua​l,​ where​ a gps devic​e is inser​ted into the uteru​s via candl​e light​.​*​*​*​*​*​... [more]
Posted by Erin Marie Dunn on 9/2/08

You Guys

You guys, we (artists) are obviously nuts. I'm sorry (jk) but we didn't have a choice, it just happens when many people are born. The other species wish for this. So get over it, (take drugs/deep breaths) its fun to look around, imagine, play. What else HD/ Low carbs? (2007). Come on, what are you thinking about, who are you thinking about?  It will be cool when we die cause then we'll know but for now lets pay attention and pretend. We can keep score at home, who cares, why not (p.s. by... [more]
Posted by Erin Marie Dunn on 8/23/08

Sneek Peek

ERIN DUNN   [more]
Posted by Erin Marie Dunn on 8/22/08