Elizabeth Sowell-Zak

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Temporal Expression Tetratych, 2007-10 Oil On Canvas 54"H X 36"W © 2013
Power At Work #1 to #4, 2010 Oil On Canvas 5"H X 23"W © 2013
Power At Work #5 to #8, 2007-10 Oil On Canvas 5" X 23" X 1.2 Inches © 2013
Power At Work #9 to #12 Tetratych, 2007-10 Oil On Canvas 5"H X 23"W © 2013
Power At Work: Radiant Diptych Oil On Canvas 10" X 10" © 2015
Power At Work: Serious Diptych (part B) Oil On Canvas 10"H X 10" W © 2015
Quick Facts
New Brunswick, NJ, USA
Lives in
Monmouth County, New Jersey
Works in
New York and New Jersey
Montclair State University, 2003, BA
Montclair State Uiversity, 2007, MFA
post-feminist, feminism, narrative, comtemporary, figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, performance, conceptual, pop, landscape, surrealism, modern, traditional, photography, digital, graffiti/street-art, exhibition/performance, photo


Elizabeth Sowell-Zak is an internationally exhibiting, award-winning artist, experimenting in a multi-disciplinary practice (painting, sculpture, installation, photography…etc.) The surrounding social and cultural environments, as well as the internal and exterior landscape inspires her work. Born in the suburbs of New Jersey where she earned a Masters Degree in Fine Art, 2007, from Montclair State University. She currently resides in Monmouth County, New Jersey and works there and in New York City.

Bodies of Work:

DAILY STRENGTH: Almost life size conceptual paintings depicting mothers in the throws of schlepping and idea of women as container for procreation.

POWER AT WORK: A comedic body of work inspired by a strong interest in body language and meaning that is innately and universally readable and understood between people that may solidify or contradict the image we want to project into the world about ourselves.

JOURNEY, the SCULPTURE, a part of a body of work inspired by the ongoing process of living and the influences we carry with us from the past as well as the effect of gender, race, and any other difference. In the end, we are all “Human,” connected, and moving forward.

JOURNEY, the PHOTOGRAPHS, are part of a body of work that have been created to reflect an autobiographical process of living, as the sculptures were carried with me and placed in environments in which I found myself.

JOURNEY: The PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPERIMENT, has been one that came about when thinking of the many layers of my personal life (as mother, wife, artist, etc.) and thinking about the connection with others beyond life’s circumstance. The physical process of the photography places the original work, ever present, as part of the current work much the same as our history is ever present in our (DNA, family tradition, culture, etc.) universal connection to others. 

NUDE TO PERSONALITY: a different type of figurative work. It is a body of work, which transitions the model from an objectified nude to an individual of personality of distinct character.

ON CULTURE: is a body of work that is multi-media and reflects a personal view of the way we more often connect through electronic means. 

WINDS OF CHANGE, INSTALLATION: An Installed work that responds to the upheaval in redefining identity and the necessity of the journey to make change. Using bags containers, a reflection of myself, a woman, a biological container and as a container of my own power to create change along with the temporal havoc that accompanies change.

As the progress of time passes, change takes place with the deterioration of the old allowing space for the progress of the new. A time based piece, the installation will be photographed from inception to completion and to decline. As the cycle of change continues, it gives inspiration and progressive way to the next evolution.

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